Steven Tyler's Granddaughter Lula Sits on a Table with Her Birthday Cakes (Photo)

Lula, the granddaughter of veteran singer-songwriter, Steven Tyler marked her three-year-old birthday recently.

Liv Tyler, an American actress and one of Steven Tyler's four children, took to Instagram to share a photo of little Lula Rose on her birthday.


The photo was posted just a day ago when Lula’s birthday already held about a week before on July 8. No one's complaining, however, given how adorable the snap is.

In the photo, Lula Rose is pictured sitting on a table and between two starkly different cakes. The image was taken during her birthday bash as the picture was of a beautifully decorated background that included huge pink balloons that spelt out “Lula.”

Lula was crouched low, which made it hard to determine her exact expression, whether she had been throwing a tantrum or was shouting in excitement. Either way, she was still beautiful while dressed in a white girly dress and with her small curly locks framing her sweet face.


Ever the product mama, Liv Tyler captioned the photo with a heartfelt message that reads:

“Happy happy birthday # 3 darling Lula rose her birthday was a week ago on July 8th, but she’s been a bit under the weather, so we have been celebrating her birthday all week. Sweet July baby girl we love you !!!!!!"

Just as it reads, the stunning actress tagged her sports manager hubby, David Gardner. Liv and David are goals when it comes to their sweet little family. Lula Rose is one of the two biological children born to the lovely couple. Their eldest child, who is male, is just a year older than Lula while they also co-parent Liv’s son from a previous relationship.

The one way fans make sure to air their love for Liv and David's adorable family is through social media platforms. It is, therefore, no surprise that just a day old, this photo of Lula has already earned well over 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments.


If there is one person we know that loves Lula and her older siblings, it's their world-famous grandpa, Steven Tyler! When it comes to his little grandkids, the “Demon of Screamin” becomes a lot more soft-hearted.

To celebrate Lula’s third birthday, Steven took to Instagram to share a video of himself and the fast-growing beauty sharing a tender moment.

What was, however, even more, adorable was his caption which let on just how much he loves his granddaughter!

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