Jeannie Mai Says It's Hard Dating While Living with Her Mom Because She's Nosy

Oyin Balogun
Jul 20, 2019
11:40 A.M.
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40-year-old TV presenter, Jeannie Mai, shares her experience at finding Mr Right, especially since her mother's a restraint!


The talk show anchor has come out to talk about her relationship with her mother; while both mother and child share an enviable relationship, Jeannie claims that she's having it hard when it comes to dating because of her mother's nosiness.


According to Jeanie, her mother, "Mama Mai" always wants to know who she's on the phone with, and it has been something that has been going on for years since she was a kid. In her words:

"It's horrible dating with Mama Mai! She is nosy. When I was a kid, she will be the first one eavesdropping on my phone calls… still today anytime my phone goes off we dive for it and lose nails cause she's the one looking to see who I am dating."

The TV star stated how down she is with her mother's behaviour. She expressed just how much she'd love for her Knight in shining armour to embrace her Asian culture by embracing and accepting the "traditional" and "non-traditional" things they do.


Whether or not Mama Mai is a hindrance, the 40-year-old quite appreciates her and announced that any potential suitor must first go through her mother's screening to be declared eligible.

Both mother and daughter share an invaluable connection, and the Vietnamese native credits Mama Mia for her tremendous upbringing style, as she taught her to be confident and go for what she wants.

The "Hello Hunnay" star said that she owes her life's achievements and career success to her mom's ethics, which were instilled in her right from childhood. The on-screen diva continues to serenade her mama with some love on her Instagram handle by posting a series of photos of them together.


Showing off the quality time spent with her mother seems to be one of the TV anchor's favourite things to do. Images of Jeani and her mum online gives the public a sneak peek of how close the pair are.  

"The Real" star even uploaded a photo featuring her blue-headed mom, and herself. Her caption was filled with details about her appreciating her Vietnamese origin even as an immigrant in a foreign country.

She grew up learning to attach some form of importance to her culture, and is determined never to stray from her root even while adopting a new lifestyle. 


Although the pair have always been so close-knit, Jeannie revealed that her mom did not believe her as a teenager when she reported being abused by a relative leaving them enstraged for eight years. Their relationship rekindled when the onscreen diva turned 24.

Both women recently confronted the issue in an episode of "Hello Hunnay," and the onscreen diva said that all she needed was clarity from Mama Mia.

Speaking of clarity, Jeannie's clarification on her sexuality on "The Real" got her co-hosts: Loni Love, Tamera Mowry Housley, and Adrienne Houghton debating on the matter.


The women on "The Real" show spoke about  being "sapiosexual." After Jeanine defined her concept of the word, all the women agreed to be sapiosexual.

The Vietnamese born who had her mom move into her house after her divorce with Freddy Harteis, shows no sign of intolerance even with Mama Mai's nosiness, and it's a great thing both women pair up pretty well.

Hopefully she finds a suitable suitor soon!