Madonna Slammed after Photos of Adopted Daughters with Watermelon Slice

After sharing a photo of her two daughters "wearing" watermelons, Madonna was slammed for being racist and insensitive to her children's black culture. 

The singer posted a series of images featuring her two daughters posing behind a slice of watermelon as if it were their clothes. There's a troublesome racial history about the black race and watermelon, that people pegged the singer to be culturally insensitive. 

Quick History of the Watermelon Symbol

When slaves won their emancipation during the Civil War, those who were freed grew, ate, and sold watermelons. It ultimately made it their symbol of freedom. However, Southern whites used the newfound freedom through watermelons by making it a symbol of the Blacks' alleged "uncleanliness, laziness, childishness, and unwanted public presence." 

American Pop Culture

This stereotype ended up being known in American pop culture and is now being used so much that its originally pure meaning became obscure. 

Now that Madonna used it for clout with her African children in the photo, people just didn't seem to understand why she had to do it, especially its racial implications. 

A Misunderstood Message

This is not the first time Madonna was slammed for having her daughters in such odd situations. Last year, she used a Trump tagline when posting a photo of her same two daughters. 

Her youngest, Esterre and Stella, were smiling on a sailboat with the American flag waving in the background. 

People were displeased by the way she used a tagline that tried to represent white supremacy in a photo of two young black girls. After realizing her mistake, Madonna revealed the true message on Instagram, saying that America was built on immigrants and everyone should be treated and loved equally. 

With more and more hate people are throwing at her, you'd think the singer would think twice about the type of content she posts on social media, especially since they involve her own children who could get hurt in the process.

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