Kathy Griffin Continues Her Feud with Anderson Cooper While Discussing His Late Mom Gloria Vanderbilt

Kathy Griffin does not hold back as she talks about her feud with Anderson Cooper and his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, whom she “knew better than Anderson” did.

During her sit-down interview on AM to DM, Kathy Griffin spoke bitterly about her former close friend Anderson Cooper, whom she claims to “hate her” because of her outspokenness and daring personality.

“The Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story” star was asked about her ongoing dispute with the CNN journalist and if he had reached out after his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt’s, death last month, which she replied “no.”


“Anderson Cooper and Jeff Zucker are cut from the same cloth -- a lot of these older white guys hate me, and they’ve hated me for years because I’ve been a ballsy chick my whole career and I’ve never learned my lesson,” she revealed.

Griffin and Cooper had a fallout after the comedian made headlines for posing with a decapitated head that looked much like Trump in 2017. Since then, she has lost 75 percent of her friends, including Cooper who publicly called her out on social media.

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Big night out on the town!

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On Twitter, Anderson disclosed that he was “appalled” with what Griffin had taken part in and described it as “disgusting” and “completely inappropriate,” to say the least. The two have not made amends since the incident. However, Griffin’s relationship with Vanderbilt remained beautiful.

Her son paid tribute to his late mother on air through a seven-minute obituary that shared her wonderful personality and cause of death.


“I was really in love with Anderson’s mom, the great Gloria Vanderbilt. She let me call her ‘Glo-Vandy,’” Griffin shared. “She gave me so many life lessons. I actually knew her better than Anderson in a way.”

The actresses relationship with Cooper’s mother was something she treasured, which manifested through her social media posts honoring the late Vanderbilt. She shared about how they would spend time together and talk for hours about anything and everything. 

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I lost a friend today. The one and only Gloria Vanderbilt. I loved her so much. She let me call her “Glo Vandi” and I would be so flattered when she would refer to me as her daughter. When we would have our alone time, we would sit on this sofa and talk for hours. No topic was ever off-limits and believe it or not I would even shut up for a while because, oh the life that woman lived. I’d always plan on wearing something ridiculous to get her to laugh from the moment she opened the door. She would invite me to a book event, where I know I would be surrounded with so many intellectuals, I would always get overdressed and try to learn a new big word for the occasion! The dinner parties! I was so thrilled to be invited and spend more time with her. Often at these events I would be quite intimidated and Glo knew what to do. She would stop the conversation and say “Kaaaathy, WHAT is going on with the Lohans?” She would open up about her early life. The trauma she went through as a little girl & a grown woman. The ups, downs of her life. Her candor was extraordinary. I have no photos of those private conversations. “Kathy, there’s always more and we’re never done”. I love you Glo💔

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Griffin remembered her mother figure always included her in conversations and saved her from intimidating ones during the lavish dinner parties she would host.


At the age of 95, Vanderbilt died surrounded by family and close friends. Her son paid tribute to his late mother on air through a seven-minute obituary that shared her wonderful personality and cause of death.

“Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman who loved life and lived it on her own terms. She was a painter, a writer, and designer but also a remarkable mother, wife, and friend,” Anderson said during the statement.

Days before her demise, Vanderbilt was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a “very advanced cancer in her stomach” that had spread to different parts of her body.  

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