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Inside 'Criminal Minds' Star Kirsten Vangsness' Relationship with Her Ex-Fiancée Melanie Goldstein

Comfort Omovre
Jul 21, 2019
06:21 A.M.
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Kirsten Vangsness and Melanie Goldstein were at some time in the past engaged for about five years. Though the two separated in 2013, their relationship served up some memorable moments. Here is a little insight into how the ex-lovers’ relationship was like.


Star of hit CBS series “Criminal Minds,” Kirsten Vangsness is known for many things, one of which is her role as Penelope Garcia on the hit television series. She has been engaged twice; to a woman, and a man.


Her relationship with Melanie Goldstein was one that made a lot of news, and the ex-lovers were due to walk the aisle, a dream that never came to pass.


The Spring of 2011 was meant to be a special one for actress Kirsten Vangsness and Assistant Editor of 24, Melanie Goldstein. The actress revealed to PEOPLE that she and Melanie would be getting married in Texas, as Melanie’s parents had a great place for a wedding there.


At that time, the lovers had been dating for over two years, and their love story was making the airwaves. One reason for that was because it wasn’t official for gay couples to get married.

However, the lovebirds were determined to have their way to thumb their noses at the Government. Kirsten also revealed she didn’t care if there was a law against the union, as she never thought she could do such until she met Melanie and fell in love.

The couple’s relationship was so much fun, and they enjoyed one another’s company. After Melanie asked Kirsten to be her wife, the lovers kept their engagement a secret until the latter revealed their union to her Criminal Minds co-stars during a table read.


They were very much excited for her and showed it by squealing at the news. All was set for the wedding, but it never came.


The 2011 date wasn’t feasible, as the lovers’ hopes of same-sex marriage being legalized failed to materialize. They were prepared to wait till 2013, and if the conditions remained the same, marry anyways. However, they separated in 2013, bringing a sad end to a thrilling love story, and ending hopes of their union.


Having previously identified as being lesbian and as queer as a unicorn, it was surprising to hear of Kirsten’s romance with actor, Keith Hanson.


The actress explained that Keith was the perfect partner for her, and someone she feels she evolves with. She also said that her relationship with Melanie ended because they did things separately, hampering their life growth and pulling them apart.

She also explained that she doesn’t identify as bisexual as she has never understood the term. However, she said that Keith was very special and was the right person for her.