Matt Roloff Takes Advantage of Returning to the Farm Early by Spending Time with Son Jeremy

The star of the reality television show, "Little People, Big World" was at the family farm and took the opportunity to spend some time with his son. His presence at the farm came at a much earlier time than he planned.

Matt Roloff just loves to do farm work and takes any opportunity he can to do it. That fact was proven again when he posted a picture of himself and son, Jeremy, together at the farm. He did at least spare some time to take a selfie.


The Patriarch of the Famous Roloff Family shared an adorable picture of himself and son, Jeremy, inside what seemed like a farm tractor.

Behind them was the farm field, which suggested that Matt was busy with some farm work. If there was any doubt as to that, his caption to the Instagram post surely cleared it.

In his caption, the patriarch explained that he had to return to the Farm earlier than he originally planned. He thus, took the opportunity to see his grandkids and Jeremy, who he tagged as an amazing man.

He also stated that he was taking advantage of the extra time afforded by his early arrival to get some work done on the farm.


Many of Matt’s fans reacted to his post and made comments. Some comments showed likeness for Matt’s ability to always spend time with his kids and asked him to continue to do so.

Some other commenters chose to focus on Matt and Jeremy’s good looks and pointed out their resemblance. Other fans gave different opinions on what should be done on or with the farm.

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Just spent 3 days traveling on a mini media blitz with this little professional farmer. What an fun kid Jackson is. So well behaved and an awesome trooper on every television set. Credit to mom n dad @toriroloff and @zroloff07 for doing things right. A great and very busy trip but glad to be home for a night in my own bed.. Spent the afternoon after landing back in Portland checking the fields in preparation for pumpkin planting... Tomorrow off again on a flight with @carynchandler1 to spend a few days with Ember. Helping @jeremyroloff and @audreyroloff attend an event and then celebrate the success of their book. This grandpa has (gets) to split his time fairly. :). And yes the last picture in this post is with the wonderful @mariolopez taken earlier today while still In LA @onwithmariolopez What a great guy! #busybutproductive #jacksonlovesridingwithgrandpa #lookingforwardtotimewithember

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A concerned fan, however, asked Matt not to work himself up so much, while another curious fan wondered if he didn’t live in the farmhouse anymore.


It is no longer news that Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are divorced. The longtime couple, who made their family famous with their reality television show and Oregon Farm House separated in May 2016.

In the aftermath of their divorce, Matt shared a post on Instagram in which he revealed in clear terms the future of the farm. In the post, he revealed that the firm would be open for the Pumpkin Season.

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Clarification! The Future of the farm! Sometimes people get so far astray of the truth we have to write direct messages to correct all the assumptions. We are getting quite a number of inquiries asking if we are still open for Pumpkin Season this fall. Answer is yes ... pumpkin seeds went into the ground 3 days ago. :)). I don’t think people understand the buyout option... let me explain.. despite what you see on TV ... I have chosen to buy (and Amy has chosen to sell) me only one side of the farm At this time.. Not the original farmstead ... not the side with the pumpkin patch or her house.. for now she is only selling me her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that I live on. She will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave... At that time we will jointly work to sell the side she lives on together. This may happen in the future but it’s not happening yet! The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona. The future may be different ...but Now is Now ...and this is where we are at this moment in time.... Maybe one of the kids will eventually buy it?? Who knows?

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He also explained the “buyout” option, which was discussed between him and Amy. He explained that he would buy half of the farm, which Amy agreed to sell, while they would work to sell the other portion, though that wasn’t happening yet.

He, however, said he was focusing on the present and not the future. The divorced ex-couple still appear in the family series but have moved on in their love lives.

They are involved in relationships, with Matt dating Caryn Chandler, while Amy is dating Chris Marek.

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