Daily Joke: Retired Man Goes to the Doctor with Pain throughout His Body

Sometimes the most obvious causes of pain are overlooked because they seem improbable. The man in the story below is a prime example.

A retired man goes to the doctor after days of feeling pain and says, "Doc, I ache all over. Everywhere I touch, it hurts."

The doctor replies,

"OK. Touch your elbow."

The guy touches his elbow and winces in genuine pain. The doctor, surprised, then states, "Touch your head."

Man in despair. | Source: Pixabay

Man in despair. | Source: Pixabay

The guy touches his head and jumps in agony. The doctor asks him to touch his knee and the same thing happens.

Everywhere the guy touches, he experiences excruciating pain. The doctor is stumped and orders a complete examination with X-rays, etc.

He says to his patient, "Don't worry, Sir, I will get a team of doctors together and figure this out. We won't let you down!"

Doctor writing notes. | Source: Pixabay

Doctor writing notes. | Source: Pixabay

Two days later, the doctor phones the man and declares, "We've found your problem."

"Oh, thank you! What is it?" asks the retiree.

The Doctor remarks,

"Your finger is broken!"

I was not expecting that answer! Remember to share it with your friends if you laughed out loud like I did.

Somebody else who needed urgent medical care recently was Leland Chapman. In their first manhunt since Beth’s death, he ended up with a torn Achilles tendon.

After tracking down a suspect with his father, Duane Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fame, Leland ended up hospitalized.

The suspect that Leland was chasing slammed a gate closed on him which severed his Achilles tendon rendering Chapman unable to walk. 

Leland still managed to taser the man and disable him before the rest of the crew showed up.

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