Jessa Duggar Shares Video of Son Vacuuming Home Carpet & Gives Empowering Parenting Advice

Jesse Duggar accompanied a video of her son vacuuming with empowering parenting advice that was well received by her followers.

The Duggars' are full of reliable parenting advice, and Jessa Duggar recently dished out some to her followers on Instagram.

The reality star shared a video of her son and oldest child, Spurgeon, vacuuming while his baby sister, Ivy Jane, looked on, and she accompanied it with a lengthy write-up.

Duggar wrote that it’s fun to watch children perform meaningful tasks, noting that while it is exciting to play together, it's equally interesting to do chores together.

The “Counting On” star asked parents to encourage their children’s helping spirit and not squelch it. She revealed that when Spurgeon wanted to vacuum the rug, she had some doubts but decided to let him try.

After about ten minutes, the little boy had the rug spotless, making Duggar proud. The TV star pointed out that children require supervision, but they become more competent as they grow.

The mum-of-three ended the write-up with the words,

“There’s a window where they are eager to help, capture it and don’t squelch it.”

The advice pleased a lot of her followers, and they commended the reality star. Some wrote that she’s wise beyond her years and a wonderful mother, while others wrote that she’s teaching Spurgeon good habits.

The 3-year-old Spurgeon is a big brother with two younger siblings, Henry, and baby Ivy. The baby joined the family in May, and she came ten days earlier than planned.

Jessa, who is married to Ben Seewald, had to deliver on the couch at home as her water broke unexpectedly, and to make things more complicated, she had to use a different midwife because the one she had, traveled out of town that same day.

The TV star said in an episode of “Counting On” that nothing went as planned, but at the end, everything turned out fine. Before the baby came, Duggar shared on social media that Spurgeon kissed her belly and the baby kicked. She wrote at the time that the best part of the pregnancy was watching her first child anticipate the arrival of Ivy.

The TLC star also noted that Henry loved to say the word, “Baby” even though he does not fully comprehend what’s happening. Spurgeon understood, and he also understands what it means to be a big brother, and is taking the role seriously.

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