Daily Joke: A Man in a Bar Sees a Friend at a Table, Drinking by Himself

A joke always makes our day, especially if it is really fun, this time we have found a joke that will surely make you laugh for a while.

With an unexpected turn this situation could almost be real, or who knows maybe it is, many times reality surpasses fiction.

A man enters a bar and sees a friend sitting at a table, drinking alone.

When he approaches his friend, he says: "Friend, you look terrible, what's wrong, what's the problem?"

The bereaved friend replies: "My mother died in August," he said sadly, "and she left me $ 25,000."

The supportive friend says: "Wow, that's hard".

The lone drinker continues "Then, in September," he says sadly, "my father also died, leaving me $90,000."

"Wow, two parents who left in two months, it's no wonder you're so depressed," the friend says, almost regretting asking.

The melancholic friend continues talking: "Then, last month, my aunt died and left me $15,000."

¡Unbealivable! says the friend "Three close relatives lost in three months? How sad really."

 "Then this month," continued the friend, "absolutely nobody!"

No wonder why he was so sad...

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