Chay Guillory of 'My 600-Lb Life' Shows off Her Dazzling Diamond Engagement Ring

“My 600-lb Life” star, Chay Guillory shared, via social media, that she is now engaged to her boyfriend, Patrick.

The reality star did this by posting a close-up photo of her left hand on her Instagram page. While her hand looked gorgeous with the carefully done red manicure, it was the glittering rock on her fourth finger that has caught the attention of the media.

“I said yes,” Chay excitedly shared in the caption of the picture. The picture quickly became popular with avid followers of the “My 600-lb Life” star expressing support for her by taking to the comments to compliment her and wish her many more joyful news to come.

One fan, @mandygubernath commented:

“So happy for you congratulations, you deserve all the happiness in the world.”

One nursesugar_b said:

“I don’t watch the show. But you are beautiful and congratulations. What a gorgeous ring also.”

Another avid fan, @gratiaplena11 excitedly wrote:

“I’m so happy for you!!! Omg!! I feel like I know you!!! You are just so wonderful and warm!! May every dream come true for you!!!!”

What became even more famous was Chay’s heartfelt message to people who have shown their support to her and her fiance. The post came two days after she posted a picture of her diamond ring. She brought the appreciative message to a finish by sharing that she was “so excited” to be starting a new “chapter.”

Just a few days old, the picture of her dazzling ring has already garnered well over a thousand likes! That attests to how popular Chay became after her weight loss journey was aired on television.

What especially made Chay’s story a uniquely different one came when the young beauty revealed that she was transgender during a “Where Are They Now?” special.

She even accrued her tremendous weight gain to her emotional troubles explaining that she felt like she has “lived a lie” for way too long. Chay said:

“I was trapped in a 600-pound body, and now I started to believe I can do this. And once I lose the weight, it will be possible for me to be the person I have always identified as — and that person is a woman.”

It is indeed a beautiful sight to find that Chay has made significant progress, not only in her weight loss journey but also in her love life.

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