Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares a Photo Taken with Husband Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones attracted positive comments in her rare selfie with husband, Michael Douglas, which she posted on Instagram.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are one of Hollywood’s long-lasting couples, with almost two decades of companionship. Over the weekend, a photo of the beautiful couple emerged after Zeta-Jones posted a rare selfie in Italy.

“Captivating Capri,” the actress captioned her post. “Happy Birthday to our dear friend Lawrence.”

Fans and followers quickly shared their thoughts and reactions in the comment section, complementing Zeta-Jones and Douglas for the “true love” that they have which may last forever.

“Look at how full of love they are,” one comment read. “Irresistible!”

“You two are very lucky to have each other. You both complement each other very well,” another read.

During their Italian getaway, Zeta-Jones and Douglas relished a scrumptious Friday lunch in Capri as they boarded a luxury speedboat in stylish summer outfits under the blazing heat of the European sun.

The Hollywood actress wore a printed neutral-colored flowing summer dress, which she paired with a black fedora and sunglasses, while her husband was stylish in a baby blue button-down and white trousers.

Showing their love and appreciation for each other in public has never been a problem for the couple; in fact, Zeta-Jones often show support and posts about her husband on Instagram. Likewise, the 74-year-old veteran actor spoke about his wife openly during the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year.

Douglas shared that working in the same industry gave him and his wife a chance to understand each other’s work more. He also honored his “extraordinary wonderful wife” when he accepted an award on stage.

“Well, we celebrated our 18th anniversary recently. And besides a genuine love that only continues to grow, I think the fact that we’re in the same industry really helps us understand what’s going on,” he shared.

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