Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Chloe Looks Stunning in New Photos

Veteran singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Newton-John never tires of showing off her astoundingly gorgeous actress daughter on social media. 

Via Instagram, Olivia is known to show off her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi fondly, and the reason couldn't be more obvious! Chloe Rose, who is the product of Olivia's previous marriage to actor Matt Lattanzi, embodies svelte beauty. 

Aged 33, Chloe is like a much younger version of her famous mother. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, the actress possesses a beauty that is delicate like no other. Chloe never denies her choice to go for physical enhancement and that honesty is one that her fans adore. 

In one of Olivia's Instagram posts, the doll-like beauty flaunted her toned body wearing a black two-piece swimsuit. An unknown person took the shot while the “Wings and a Gun” singer stood in the ocean and with her ensemble leaving very little to the imagination. 

Another picture of Chloe also posted by Olivia displayed her taut abs as she posed smiling still standing in the ocean and with an epic beach background pictured behind her. 


Her ever doting mother, Olivia, couldn't contain her pride, and she captioned the shot with a heartfelt message. It reads:

“Perfect memory of my beautiful girl in paradise love her sooo much #Chloe Lattanzi.”

The post elicited several reactions from Olivia's massive fan following. 

One, @ms_mimi_mama commented:

“It doesn’t get any better than being a mum Olivia - bless your very special heart.”

While another, @manoftomorrow79 pointed out the striking resemblance between Olivia and Chloe:

“She is truly beautiful, just like her mama. Much love and light to you @therealonj.”


Another one of Chloe’s pictures on Olivia's Instagram has her dressed and looking cover-ready in a black jumpsuit that sported thigh-high slits in its pants.

It is via the caption of this now-popular photo that the sterling beauty shared that she does not have a real Instagram page and chose to use her mother's to share the information with her fans. 

That depicts the intimate relationship between Chloe and Olivia. The mother-daughter duo has a strong bond which has passed the test of Olivia's cancer battle. The 70-year-old star shared unfortunate news in 2017 that her breast cancer has resurfaced since it went into remission back in 2013.

Through the emotionally and physically tasking battle, she has leaned on her only daughter, and it has strengthened their relationship. 

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