Céline Dion Strikes a Dramatic Pose in a Fluffy Yellow Dress (Photo)

Celine Dion thrilled her fans with a dramatic pose in a yellow fluffy ball gown that left her looking like a ferocious deity.


Via Instagram, singer, Celine Dion posted a new photo which showed the fashionista in a yellow dress, with a pose that could set hearts on fire. Adorned in the fluffy yellow mass, the 51-year-old was bent in a meditative way, with her head bowed slightly over the dress, and both arms stretched out in opposite directions. 

The “I’m alive” vocalist looked stunning in the pic and could have easily passed as a demi-goddess set to conquer. Then again, what heart wouldn’t get swept away by the aura of the 51-year-old fashion queen who has never gone wrong with her style.


The Las Vegas resident knew the right words to describe her entrancing pose as she captioned the post accordingly.

“Visualizing that magical moment- Team Celine.”

The French translation of the words followed this. She wrote: “Visualiser le moment magique.” It was really a magical moment for both the dance lover and her fans as it brought to mind, memories of the star’s youthful days.


The iconic singer has been openly lauded for her ensemble and pose, but she did not achieve that fit alone. She gave the photo credit to Pepe Munoz, who was also the brain behind the extraordinary style alongside celebrity stylist, Sydney Lopez. 


The post has certainly recaptured the hearts of the singer’s fans, who, until recently, have only been concerned about her weight loss and the state of her health.

The photo has since earned nothing, but praise and approval from her ever devoted fans. Comments about how stunning and amazing she looked kept pouring in. One of the fans said:

“Celine Dion, you are magical and amazing. You are EVERYTHING.” 

Loads of love emojis accompanied the caption. Another of her fans believed that she would have looked more awesome in a black dress. 


This recent post was remarkably the first picture in a long time that did not attract sad comments about the legendary star’s skinny appearance. During the Paris fashion week, the Canadian native easily stole the spotlight all through the week-long event with trailblazing outfits, and prove herself to be the unmatched queen of fashion.

But this fit at 51, did not thrill her fans, as they were more concerned about her health, with the majority asking her to seek help because she looked scarily thin. The singer, however, said in her defence that her weight loss was not health-related; instead, it was a result of the ballet dance rehearsals she was undertaking.

With this new picture though, the star has undoubtedly won back many hearts and hopefully, has sent a clear message to her fan base that there was no cause for concerns over her health, nor weight which she admittedly loves.

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