July 24, 2019

Miranda Lambert Shares a New Photo with Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin

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The couple seems to be living a wonderful summer according to the beautiful images they have posted on their Instagram accounts. We can see the newlyweds smiling and enjoying their love.

With three photographs, they recorded their brief escape to Lake Tahoe with family and friends to counteract the temperatures that continue to rise. Nothing better than a refreshing dip in one of the most beautiful places between the states of Nevada and California.

Miranda, 34, chose to wear a colorful and bright bikini, a hat and glasses with beautiful earrings, while her husband Brendan McLoughlin, 28, to coordinate with her used a colorful short, aviator glasses and (why not?) shirtless.



"Lake Tahoe," Lambert captioned the set alongside a heart emoji. “A great show and a few really cool days off!” She concluded her post with two hashtags, “lake life” and “road family.”

The comments of the fans did not wait. Many wrote to highlight how happy they look, others how really attractive this couple is. Some more to give them their best wishes in this marriage that begin.



What is true is that both Lambert who is in his second marriage, and Brendan are putting all their love in this relationship. In the graphics they share on social networks, it can be seen that they are enjoying their first year of marriage.

Fans were surprised when in February, on Valentine's Day, Lambert revealed that he had married the handsome and athletic New York police officer McLoughlin. The couple met last November during a concert in this city.


Lambert appeared at Madison Square Garden and Brendan was part of the security fence as part of his assignments within the Police Department.


Recently Miranda shared that her followers will be able to hear more about her current status in her next album, the first in 15 months, where she expresses her feelings and experiences in her songs during this new love relationship.


He also said that having had time to retire to write songs was amazing. Now he displays a safer and happier side of his person as a singer and as a human being. It has also been a different year for Brendan.

In an interview, he shared that everything in his life has interconnected with Miranda's life. Now that he is a married man, he is happy and has taken a break in his routine to live and enjoy the married life.