Woman Splashes out More Than $1,000 on Her Daughter's Primary School Prom

The school prom celebration bill included paying £ 400 for the custom dress and £ 350 in a carriage pulled by a horse and adorned with flowers.

Jennifer is not just any mom, she is a mom who would do anything to please her daughter, which in this case means fulfilling each and every one of her wishes for the 6th-grade prom of the cute 11-year-old girl.

Leah has been dreaming of her promotion night since the school year began. Her mother decided to make her wishes come true after her eldest daughter gave up attending her prom party.

She said in an interview, that they would have a little more to devote to Leah's dream and she saw nothing wrong with pleasing her daughter. The girl wanted a promo night with everything done in the right way.

So Jennifer went with her to look for dresses for that great day. The more Leah girl’s dresses she tried on, her mother could see the look on her face and she didn't like any. This is why she made her try an adult dress and her face reflected a great smile of satisfaction.

This was exactly what Leah had imagined. On the day of the prom, they also paid for professional makeup, special hairstyle and of course, you could not miss a perfect professional manicure.


For this special moment and the arrival at the party, Leah didn't want to do it in a limousine like her other promo partners, she wanted something unique so her mother chose to rent a carriage pulled by a horse and decorated with flowers in a match with her dress.

To complete the special accessories Jennifer also recorded her daughter's name in flute champagne glasses, although they didn't serve real champagne of course! He also sent to make a balloon display with which he took beautiful photographs.

On the walk to the party place, Leah's smile was second to none. Her pet Shih Tzu Bob accompanied her during the tour. She could not have been happier. The girl told her parents that day was exactly as she had dreamed.

She wishes she could wear her dress every day because she likes it very much. And of course, her mother is satisfied with the girl's happiness. It is worth every penny she dedicated to that memorable day that they will talk about for many years.


Different from the case of the mother who was invited by her daughter Daysi's promo partners who died of a rare type of bone cancer at age 14, after no treatment was able to slow the progression of the disease.

Sarah Griffiths thanked the children who remembered with love to include her that day and how Daysi, despite the hard treatment, always smiled and cheered everyone around her. A story with a different ending but with a mother equally proud of her daughter.

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