How to un-spoil a child

It’s a common mistake for parents to think that covering the basic needs of their children is their only task. But there are some duties that go beyond and that have to do with their teachings, and they can make a big difference.

Nobody wants their sons and daughters to be spoiled. Nevertheless, as reported to Your Modern Family, 94% of parents in the U.S. consider their children to be spoiled. The good thing is that admitting this fact is the first step to fix it.

One of the first indications that a child is out of control is that he is unable to obey an indication, and he cannot stop doing something when ordered to. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

When your child seeks that what he asks to be fulfilled immediately, he is selfish, cannot live in a healthy way with other people and/or resorts to aggression, you are dealing with a spoiled child.

Growing up as a spoiled child can have consequences in adult life, so as a parent you should strive to give tools to your child so that he or she learns that the world does not revolve around them and that things have to be earned.

Source: Freepik.

Source: Freepik.

Keep in mind that to love does not mean to cause infinite joy

Love is the primary objective of parenting. However, as a parent, you should know that you can love your children without feeling that they have to be happy and satisfied all the time.

It is wrong to believe that a child is loved when he experiences a constant feeling of happiness. The true loving attitude of a parent is to distinguish when a child should be allowed to experience anger, sadness, frustration to get what he wants.

These are human feelings that must develop to reach the sense of law and can then be inserted properly in society.

It is a task that can be painful at times, but you will be helping him to learn what tolerance is in the face of insoluble situations, and cultivating in him personal responsibility.

Source: Freepik.

Source: Freepik.

Don’t give them too much

Many parents spoil their children with material things. Our society has been growing around consumerism and in that way, we believe that our children every day need more objects: phones, videos, computers, magazines, etc.

Not only are the material values superimposed on the spiritual ones, the really important ones, but also the children are accustomed to deserve everything. On the other hand, they do not learn to value what work means for human beings.

For that reason, st limits also on how much you give to your children. A good way is to give them a monthly allowance so that the children can learn the value of money.

If it ends before the end of the month, there is no second round. This will teach them to be economical. They should also learn the cost of things and learn to work at home to earn it.

Neither should you give them indiscriminately whenever they require it. Do not give in to the group temptation to please your child excessively. Don’t forget to tell them about the poverty in the world and how important it is to save, and help others.

To spoil children is something very easy, the really difficult thing is to educate them correctly with values of respect and responsibility with other people. It is your turn to make better people grow in the world, do not waste it.

Source: Freepik.

Source: Freepik.

Set the limits

One of the most difficult issues in children's education is knowing where to set limits.

Nobody likes to see their children sad and tearful. But it is necessary that we achieve this task because it is precisely this point that allows them to later become good people, oblivious to selfishness and intolerance with others.

Do not lose sight of this: every time you do not establish the limits with your children, they are, regardless of age, taking control of the situation.

They feel they have won a battle. Although it may seem like a contradiction, at that time children are asking for a limit. That limit makes them feel safe, protected by rules. Parents must teach them to expect this.

You have to see the limits as positive elements. If they are established early, solid family bases are created that help the good development of the family.

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