Dean Martin's Daughter Deana Shares Old Family Photos of Dad Having Fun with His Kids in the Pool

The late entertainer may have passed away twenty-three years ago, but his daughter brought back memories with her post on Instagram.

She shared a special throwback image of him on her page, which showed him playing with his children in the pool.

Humans hardly let go of the memories of loved ones who have passed away and take every opportunity they get to recall the special moments spent with them.

That is exactly what Deana Martin did when she posted a special throwback picture of her late father having fun with his children inside the pool.


Deana’s post showed Dean Martin, much younger then, flocked by some of his children as they had some fun time in the pool. The excited children didn’t seem to want to let go of their father.

Deana captioned the post with the words “Pool Time,” followed by a water emoji and a lot of hashtags. Fans of the singer commented on her post.

Most thanked her for sharing the picture, while a particular commenter said her father was a very handsome man and that she (the commenter) had his picture as her screen saver, thus allowing her to see him every day.


Dean Martin was a great singer, actor, and comedian in his prime. He was responsible for singing many great tunes including the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944.

The song, in the years following its birth was recorded by many great artists including Deana’s father, who included it in his 1959 album, “Winter Romance.”

The song is now facing scrutiny and was pulled from an Ohio radio station following a listener’s complaint about the song’s lyrics.

The listener called the radio station, WDOK Christmas 102.1 during 2018’s Christmas holidays and complained about the song, suggesting that it wasn’t appropriate to play the song in these current times. The radio thus decided to pull the song from its playlist.

Deana, however, insists that she would continue to perform the song, as she loved it so much. In the aftermath of the Ohio radio’s removal of the song, other radio stations have decided to leave their fans to decide on whether they want the holiday song to go or stay on their playlists.

Dean Martin died in 1995, aged 78, after suffering from acute respiratory failure. He was a great singer, actor, and comedian, and fathered eight children.

Deana, one of those children continues to spread her father’s legacy to those who may never have heard of him.

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