Page Six: Andy Cohen Reveals He Sent a Supportive Note to Wendy Williams Amid Her Divorce

According to reports, Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams have had a feud for years. However, when Cohen heard Williams was going through a divorce he reached out.

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, 51, got in touch with fellow host Wendy Williams, 55, when he heard she was divorcing husband, Kevin Hunter. The two stars hadn’t been in touch for years because of a feud.

Speaking during an interview Cohen explained

“When she announced she was splitting, I sent her a note. I said, ‘Look, I’ve been staying away, but I hope that we can reconnect sometime. I’m happy for you and I’m rooting for you.’”

Clearly moved by the message Williams decided to squash their feud and responded by inviting Cohen to be a guest on her show after his 6-year absence. The presenter was seen last week on The Wendy Williams Show.

Showing his loyalty and support to Williams, Cohen told her on the show a secret about his relationship with Hunter. He confessed: “Your husband was not my biggest fan. But I want you to know, I’ve been cheering you on for the last six years.”

Taking further steps to heal their relationship; Williams thanked Cohen for his support. Williams thanked Cohen in front of the audience for his support. Speaking about the episode Cohen stated: “It was so great.”

He confessed his true feelings about their mending friendship saying: “She and I are really good together.” The invite to her show wasn’t the only time that the two would be seen on television together.

When Cohen’s talk show returns on September 8, Williams will feature. Cohen revealed: “She’s coming on my first show back after summer break,” which he also shared on her show during his segment.

Because of their rift, the talk show host hadn’t appeared on Cohen’s show in years even though in the past she’d featured “several times.” Since the news of her divorce went public another celebrity has reached out to her.

The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God contacted Williams. He shared: “I’ve always had love for Wendy and we never had a reason not to communicate.”

A source once revealed that Hunter wasn’t liked by the staff on Williams’ show because of how he’d allegedly “controlled access to Wendy.” 

On the day that happened to be Williams’ birthday, Cohen shared on her show how happy he was “to be back” and stated that he was also pleased with the host’s new independent life in New York City. He also commented that she seemed “light as a feather!”

Williams responded by admitting that her life had “really changed.” She filed for divorce in April after rumors that her husband had a baby with his mistress.

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