Bill Klein from 'Little Couple' Shows off a Beautiful Note His Adopted Daughter Zoey Gave Him

Star actor, Bill Klein felt so special when his daughter gave him a special note after a flight. He shared the note with his followers on his Instagram page.

Sometimes there can’t be a greater feeling than that of being appreciated by the one you hold so dearly, especially after an exhaustive flight.

Reality television star, Bill Klein savored that feeling during his trip, when his daughter, Zoey, made him a special love note. He was so impressed; he shared it with his fans and followers on social media.


In the note, the 6-year-old wrote the words: “Dad I Love You.” The inscription was followed by a drawing of figures representing her, a heart sign, and an illustration depicting her father.

The actor was quite impressed by his daughter’s gesture that he posted it. In the caption describing the photo, he explained that it was 3:25 am, local time in Mumbai and that Zoey made the note after 24 hours of travel.

Many commenters were also thrilled and inspired by Zoey’s love and appreciation of her father. They described her as a sweet and thoughtful girl, while others commented on how blessed she has become since Bill and his wife adopted her.


Bill Klein and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Arnold star in the reality television show, alongside their two adopted children, Will and Zoey. The show would be returning for its fourteenth season, and the couple spoke to People during the Magazine’s super tease of the new season.

The new season would show how the couple is adjusting to life in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they recently moved. The kids would also engage in new activities, with Zoey learning Bollywood Dancing, and Will in Cub Scouts.

The couple revealed that one major challenge the move to Florida has brought upon them is Jennifer’s hip replacement surgery. Klein explained that his wife’s hips were dangerously close to failing, while Jennifer wondered how many times she would go for surgery and come out okay.

The show which runs on TLC will return to the airwaves on August 6, at 9 pm ET.  "The Little Couple" began airing ten years ago, and since its inception, has endeared the couple, Klein and Jennifer, both under four feet tall, to millions of people in the world.

Though they carry rare forms of skeletal dysplasia, which has seen them have many surgical procedures, the couple has risen above it all and adopted two children, making a near-perfect family.

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