Kelly Rowland Responds to Criticism over 'Praising' Chris Brown during Lyric Controversy

Former “Destiny Child” star Kelly Rowland has come forward to respond to the widespread criticism of her support for Chris Brown's “Nice Hair” controversy.

Chris Brown recently went under fire for one of the lyrics in one of the newly released song on his album, “Indigo.” The song titled “Need a Stack,” features the father of one, Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas.

It had Brown singing the lyrics, “Only wanna [expletive] the black b**ches with the nice hair.”

Netizens immediately launched criticism at this and labeled the words as colorism.” The phenomenon is closely related to racism.

It is a discriminatory practice in which people with fairer skin are considered to be more beautiful and worthy of praise than someone with a darker complexion.

In response to the allegations, Brown took to social media to promote the song and utter words in his defense. It was at this time that it appeared that another entertainer like himself, Kelly Rowland, rose to his defense.

The stunning singer took to the comments section of one post, Chris Brown shared in celebration of the song.

“We love you, Chris,” Rowland commented in excitement.

Like fire on dryland, fans immediately directed criticism at the mother of one. Via an interview with Buzzfeed however, Rowland expressed surprise at the situation which she labeled as “out of context.”

During the meeting, she noted that her comment had been directed at a notable feat Brown had achieved.

"I think I commented on something about him breaking a hit record or something and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, love you, Chris.' That was it," she recounted during the interview which will air on BuzzFeed News' morning show, AM to DM.

Her statement showed that she had had no idea about the ongoing mess surrounding the song as she had been away in Australia. The biting comments made by fans to tackle her supportive feedback, therefore, startled her.

"And next thing I knew, I came up under all this scrutiny the next day that I'm waking up, and I'm like, Wait, wow, they hate me, they hate me. I'm like, OK, I don't know why,” the 38-year-old further said.

Rowland also disclosed that it had been quite an experience for her considering that she is of African American descent herself.

Now that the talented singer has cleared the air about the situation, one can only hope that the criticisms directed towards her will stop.

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