Jamie Lee Curtis Once Revealed She Was a 'Save-the-Marriage Baby' for Her Famous Parents

Jamie Lee Curtis divulges on her strained relationship with her father before his death; says she failed as a 'Save-the-Marriage Baby'.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, popularly known for her roles in "Freaky Friday" and "Veronica Mars" recently opened up in an interview, about her parents' separation and later divorce.

Jamie Lee, born to legendary actress Janet Leigh and  Hollywood star, Tony Curtis revealed that her parents gave birth to her to save their marriage.

Curtis, who describes herself as a failed "save-the-marriage" baby of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, said:

"And like any other save-the-marriage baby, I failed"

As her parents Janet leigh and Tony Curtis grew in fame, so had their marriage deteriorated. Tony whom Janet married at the height of her star power and had two children, Jamie, and Kelly Curtis with, later publicly embarrassed her by having an affair with a 17-year-old German actress.

Curtis also revealed that her mother, who later died at the age of 77 surrounded by family, and father hated each other throughout her entire life.

The actress later grew up estranged from her father, with the two not having a relationship until his death in 2010. Describing her strained relationship with her dead father during a morning talk show. The actress said

"He was not a father, and he was not interested in being a father." 

Not long ago, The actress channeled her late mother as she recreated an iconic shower scene from the classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock, "Psycho." The famous scene which was first acted by her mother in the film "Psycho" was recreated by Jamie lee in the latest episode of Fox series "Scream Queens."

The actress stepped into the bath in the latest episode facing the show's Red Devil villain, and not Norman Bates as her mother's character did in the 1960 film. Jamie lee revealed that she had held off recreating this famous scene for a while as she felt it was her mother's legacy.

However, she thought that the timing was right, although going through the scene was emotional to complete. She subsequently texted her sister in tears after she wrapped up the shoot to share the emotional milestone. 

Several weeks after recreating the scene, the famed TV actress took to social media to share her thoughts:

"Just recreated, with help from the fantastic crew, a shot by shot of my mother's famous shower scene from Hitchcock's PSYCHO for @screamqueensfox."

She shared on Instagram that the writers of the show wrote the scene into the special episode and it felt right to honor "the Royal Legend that is/was/will always be" her mom, Janet Leigh.

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