Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Says ‘Fake Church People’ Are behind the Anti-Gay Comments

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 03, 2019
11:00 A.M.

Kim Burrell is back in the hot-seat after accusing "fake church people" for the censure she received for her homophobic views.


Back in 2017, Kim Burrell was severely criticized after a video in which she expressed antigay comments was made public.

The gospel singer is back and ferociously defending her views in a new video by attacking her detractors as "fakers" and "being scared to tell the truth about God’s word."


Burrell openly addressed the blowback she got for her 2017 sermon after which she had Ellen DeGeneres cancel her scheduled TV appearance, a Texas university cancel her radio show, and the CW drop her TV talk show from its lineup.


In her new sermon, Burrell blames the devil and “hiding-fake-church people” who are unwilling to admit the "truth" written in the Bible about homosexuality.

“Some people thought I was worried about all this mess when the LGBTQ or whoever they was coming after me. I told them, ‘I dunno about no LGBTQ. For all I know that means ‘Let God Be True Quickly,'” she said.

Burrell went on to announce that she is about to close a multi-million dollar deal in Houston.



Burrell declared that the boycotting she was subjected to by people offended by her views on homosexuality has not harmed her and that she has triumphed despite the opposition.

"I woke up and realized it wasn’t just the world against me, it was hiding-fake-church people who don’t wanna own up to the truth of the Bible, didn’t wanna associate with me, scared to bring me to their churches, canceling assignments. There’s not one door that I’ve missed, and as you can see, there’s not a meal that I’ve missed either,” she said.


To prove the point that the backlash from the 2017 sermon hasn't harmed her financially, Burrel went on to announce that she is about to close a multi-million dollar deal in Houston.


“I said unto the devil, ‘Whatever you tried, it did not work.’ Y’all not talking to me. I’m about to close on a 12.3 million dollar edifice in Houston, Texas – I’ll send you an invitation when I go in. Whew-whew-whew-whew-whew-whew!” she cried, to enthusiastic applause.


Burrell seems to make an allusion to her First Amendment rights in her sermon and claimed to have been the victim of attacks on her integrity and her character.


“I have a right to have an attitude ’cause it’s my war mindset. (...) You tried to down me, I dodged and missed it. You tried to get my character, I dodged and missed it. You trying to dig up mess, I dodged and missed it again,” she said.

Of course, Kim Burrell has the right to express her views freely, but the same law that grants her that privileged also guarantees others the right to disagree with her.



While Kim Burrell labels homosexuals "perverted," Pope Francis has overturned millennia of Catholic Church condemnation and stated that homosexual tendencies “are not a sin.”

He also encouraged parents who begin “seeing rare things” in their children to consult a psychologist.

“I’m talking about a person who is developing, and parents start to see strange things … Please consult, and go to a professional, and there you will see what it is and may not be homosexual, that is due to something else,” he said.

The Pope expressed the opinion that raising a homosexual child is not "rare" but may present some difficulties in traditional families.

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