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Parenting Expert Says Grandparents Should 'Ask Permission' before Hugging Their Grandchildren

Edduin Carvajal
Aug 05, 2019
11:40 A.M.

Parenting expert Jane Evans surprised the audience of the daytime show “This Morning” when she said that grandparents should ask for their grandchildren’s consent before hugging them.


During a conversation Evans had with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, the hosts of the show, she pointed out that following her advice was beneficial for young children as they “take control of their own bodies from a young age.”

Source: youtube.com/This Morning

Source: youtube.com/This Morning

Evans' claims

Evans added that parents should teach their children that not only strangers but also friends and family members are not allowed to touch them.

"We allow children to decide who can or can't touch their body - when, how, what, where, which is just to keep them safe," said Evans. However, Rebecca Jane, a businesswoman who has two children, didn’t agree.

If parents follow Evans’ advice, they would be raising “cold and emotionless children, and that’s going to affect their future,” said Jane, who labeled Evans’ initiative as “nonsense.”


Children should be affectionate with their parents and grandparents

Evans, who said that her way of thinking should not be taken as a big deal, added that those who take care of people immobile people always give a heads-up to their patients before helping them, and that the case with children should not be that different.

Jane disagreed. Even though she accepted that drawing a line with strangers was mandatory, people should teach their children to give affection to their parents and grandparents.


People's reaction

The show conducted a poll on Twitter asking the audience “should grandparents ask their grandchildren before kissing them?” The results made clear that Evans’ initiative was not accepted as 89% responded with a no.

“Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If I want to give my baby a kiss then I will! I don’t see anything wrong with my little girl kissing her grandparents,” complained one follower.


“It’s OCD gone mad. Teach them that it’s ok to say no, but those who you’re close to, be it family or friends are important enough to give a hug to. Grandparents won’t be around forever and are the greatest source of what family is!” added another one.

“Why have you giving this woman air time?! Absolutely ridiculous! I’ve just asked my 8 year old how she’d feel and she said ‘that’s silly,’” tweeted a third person.

Apart from the aspects that Jane and all those Twitter users highlighted, there is also a scientific reason why grandparents should actively take care of their grandchildren: it may help them live longer.

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