Texas Amazon Driver Arrested after Stealing Couple’s Dog & Listing It Online for $100

A 22-year-old delivery driver, Mycah Keyona, who worked for the reputable online store, Amazon was arrested after stealing a 2-year-old dog from a family while making a delivery. The suspect allegedly listed the dachshund breed online for sale at $100.

Integrity and trust are the watchwords for any business organization to build a good company-client relationship. However, Amazon's authenticity has become questionable after one of their employees, a delivery driver, allegedly stole a dog from a family during a delivery round. 

Logo of an Amazon store | Photo: Shutterstock

Logo of an Amazon store | Photo: Shutterstock

It was gathered that the 22-year-old delivery agent, identified as Mycah Keyona Wade, went for her usual round of deliveries in Weatherford on the fifth of last month. During Wade's rounds, she saw the dog on the streets, in front of the owners' home, and made away with it.

When asked about how the 2-year-old dachshund breed had ventured into the streets, the family explained that the dog, who was fondly called RJ, rushed out of the house after the door was opened. 

According to them, they were on their way to the store, and it was a usual occurrence for the dog to play in the front yard whenever they head out. The family did not directly address the press, but the statement was revealed by Danie Huffman, the Deputy of the County's Sherrif's office.

A private security camera captured the incidence. The video footage, as well as an eye witness testimony,  assisted in the identification of the suspect. 

According to the eyewitness, (a landscaper who was present when the incident happened,) Wade asked him about the owners of the dog, which he revealed to her. The suspect, however, denied giving any positive reply when she asked the question.

A warrant for Wade's arrest was issued after obtaining all the evidence. The suspect, however, turned herself in to the police on her own accord on July 16. 

It was revealed that the delivery driver denied stealing the dachshund when she was initially questioned about it, but the warrant issuance prompted her to rethink her stance. She also returned the stolen dog to the cops, and it is now reunited with its owners.

A 22-year-old Amazon employee stole a customer's dachshund | Photo: Getty Images

A 22-year-old Amazon employee stole a customer's dachshund | Photo: Getty Images

The 22-year-old listed RJ for sale on Craiglist, as revealed by Ethan Stark, a property crimes investigator. A price tag of $100 was demanded in the ad, but no contact information of the seller was included. The police department is, however, sure it was from Wade. 

In Ethan's statement, he said:

"There was no contact information, but we are sure it was RJ that was for sale on Craiglist for $100. The add immediately changed once I contacted the suspect."

Amazon has not taken well to this taint on the company's image. In a statement issued to CNN,  they expressed their disdain over the incidence, stating that it does not reflect the high standards they have for delivery service partners. 

A dachshund with ball in his mouth | Photo: Getty Images

A dachshund with ball in his mouth | Photo: Getty Images

They also revealed that they had taken the necessary steps to make things right with the offended family. Wade who was arrested on one count of theft was released the same day after posting a $2000 bond and has since been fired from Amazon

The safety of pets around Amazon delivery agents is now being questioned as this is not the first time such incidence would occur. 

In 2018, a similar event happened in England. A man reported that his black schnauzer got stolen after an Amazon delivery guy entered his home to deliver the dogfood he ordered. The dog was discovered in the Amazon driver's possession and returned to the owners soon after.

A schnauzer | Photo: Getty Images

A schnauzer | Photo: Getty Images

Precaution should be taken to guarantee employees' integrity, especially those directly involved with clients, as they represent the first point of contact between the customer and the company in question.

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