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August 06, 2019

Jason Mitchell's Character in 'The Chi' to Be Killed off in Season 3 after Sexual Harassment Allegations

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"The Chi" fans can bid Jason Mitchell goodbye as he's set to be killed off in its upcoming season. This comes after allegations that he was harassing showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis and his co-star Tiffany Boone. 

Jason Mitchell was fired from the series back in May after Ayanna Floyd Davis and Tiffany Boone filed complaints about his harassment.

With no tolerance for such acts, Gary Levine, Showtime's co-president of entertainment, revealed their plans for his character. 


“There is a lot of great life in ‘The Chi’ and there’s also death in ‘The Chi’ and that’s how we’ll be dealing with it.”

Jason's Predatorial Ways

Jason was also playing a leading role on "The Chi," and his death on the show would drastically change how the story goes. 


According to their show's creator, Lena Waithe, she discovered his ways during a sexual harassment training they had on set. While the involved parties settled their disputes through HR, his behavior continued.

The actress involved, Tiffany Boone, even asked to leave the show because she couldn't take it anymore. 


However, after outpouring support from her peers, fans, and everyone around her, she decided to stay and keep working on the project. 

Controlling the Situation

Since then, Floyd spoke up about his mistreatment and decided to try and control it. Unfortunately for her, she became "a target of his rage and inappropriateness." This then caused her not to return for the show's third season. 


Unfortunately for Mitchell, it seems more and more people are discovering his predatorial ways, as it was also revealed that he was dismissed because of similar behavior on the Netflix film "Desperados."

He rose to fame thanks to his breakout role in the 2015 film "Straight Outta Compton," where he played NWA member Eazy-E. Since then, he's booked more roles on "Kong: Skull Island," "Detroit," and "Mudbound." 


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