Michelle Obama Says She Will Not Run for President

Michelle Obama finally put an end to all the clamor of people asking her to run for President of the United States in the future, saying "there's zero chance" that she'll ever do it. 

With the Presidential Elections coming up, many people have been asking Michelle Obama if there's a chance she'd ever run.

Unfortunately for those who wish to make it happen, the former First Lady shares that there's no chance she'll ever do it. 

On Running for President

During an interview which she had with "The National," Michelle was asked about the question in a way that could've easily gotten the most honest answer out of her.

The interviewer, Hilde Lysiak, said that while she said she wasn't interested to run, she thinks people say this until they actually do run. 

Unfortunately, the answer is really no. 

"Just between us, and the readers of this magazine—there’s zero chance."

Helping in Other Ways

However, Michelle Obama hopes to become a positive agent of change in the country, and she says that's her simple way of improving the US. To her, you don't need to sit in the Oval Office to steer change. She would rather use her influence elsewhere. 

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Sunday night in Nashville, I walked off stage for the final time on my #IAmBecoming tour. After 34 stops, from Chicago to Copenhagen and Vancouver to Atlanta, I couldn’t be more humbled—or more hopeful. I started this journey knowing that in order for you all to know who I was, you had to know my whole story—the broken parts, the struggles, and the imperfections. It wasn’t always easy to share those moments, but I know that it’s only because of them that I was able to become something more. So thank you all—all the young people I met along the way, all the folks sitting in the balconies, all the book clubs who generated real discussions—for recognizing that truth in your own lives, and for sharing it not just with me but with the world. If each of us can do more of that, if we can be a little more vulnerable, a little more honest with ourselves and with each other, then maybe we can pay that lesson forward to someone else. Maybe we’ll be able to offer each other a little more grace. And maybe then, we can more fully embrace the ways we are the same. To me, that’s how we can all keep becoming, together.

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"There are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and I keep doing plenty of them, from working with young people to helping families lead healthier lives. But sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office will never be one of them. It’s just not for me."

On her best-selling memoir

While Obama made it clear that she won't ever run for president, she is still the most viable first lady to do so. In fact, the release of her memoir "Becoming" just proves she's one of the most well-loved first ladies, if not the most. 

In just a week, she sold 1.4 million copies of her book, exceeding those by other First Ladies. 

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As I begin the final weekend of my #IAmBecoming tour, I joined my friends @honeychildtracy and @michele__norris in Florida to talk about why it's so important to make sure girls know the power in their own stories. Whether as a parent, mentor, teacher, or neighbor, each of us can show them that their voices are valued and respected from a young age—and that can have an extraordinary effect on who they’ll become in the years ahead. When we view their voices as equal, when we truly listen to them and appreciate what they say, they will feel more empowered to share themselves with the rest of the world, too. Organizations like @HoneyShineInc and @OYCMiami are living out this message by giving girls in Florida the tools and platform they need to reach their boundless potential. To the ladies I met with today, never underestimate the power in your own story — I hope you’ll share yours bravely, and help others share theirs, too. It’s how we all keep becoming, together.

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As of November 21, 2018, she sold a massive number of books in all formats across the US and Canada alone since its release on November 13, 2018. 

Likewise, her book remained the number 1 non-fiction title across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Denmark, and Finland. 

Compared to Obama's 1.4 million copies sold, Hillary Clinton's "Living History" back in 2003 only sold 600,000 in its first week. 

With more than a million people aware of her life story, this could've made it a lot easier for her to run for president. However, Michelle is a silent worker and she'd rather affect change in other ways. 

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