Tyra Banks Offers Rihanna's Mini-Me Ala’a an Audition for a New Modeling Venture

Tyra Banks asked to help of her Instagram followers to find Rihanna's mini-me so she can audition for a character inspired by her life story. The model is currently casting models for a ticketed attraction she intends to open in California.

Shortly after Rihanna shared her disbelief posting a photo of a young girl who could pass for her mini-me, Tyra Banks became obsessed in finding her and casting her for an important project.

The model sought the help of internet fans to touch base with the young looker for a possible modeling contract. “S.O.S. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME identify @badgalriri’s #freshfierceface mini-me!”

Tyra’s message read on her social media account where she reposted a photo of 7-year-old Ala’a who’s now famous for her uncanny resemblance to the R&B singer. 


Tyra’s interest in Ala’a has a lot to do with her latest venture, “Modelland,” a theme park-like attraction in California where ordinary people can pretend to be models in a day. 

“I don’t mean a professional model” she clarified to the Wall Street Journal. “I’m talking about families, mamas, daddies, cousins, uncles, sisters, bridal showers, stag parties can come to Modelland and have fun and be the fantasy versions of themselves.”

"At Modelland, we are redefining what a model is. I am announcing this huge secret project that exists inside of the Modelland universe. It is secret, it is massive and I am ready to change some lives!"


Tied to the opening of the 21,000 square-foot ticketed attraction is a 2010 graphic novel she wrote also called “Modelland” which characters she intends to come to life.

One of these is the lead, Tookie who has a strong resemblance to Rihanna and whose story was inspired by the model’s own.  Tyra hopes to snag an audition with Ala’a for her possible casting as the young Tookie. 


And thanks to her Instagram followers, she was able to contact Ala’a and her mother. During a sit down with Entertainment Tonight too, the news outlet surprised her with an opportunity to FaceTime with them. 

Tyra told Ala’a and her mother, "We're calling to see if maybe Ala’a will audition for Modelland to play the young version of the lead character because she looks so much like the lead character.”

She also explained the concept of her project as “Harry Potter meets Willy Wonka, meets Disneyland.”

However, she reminded Ala’a’s that her possible involvement in the project shouldn’t interfere with her studies. In fact, Tyra advised,  

“Study hard at school and know that modeling will always be there. So make sure you finish school and make sure that you listen to your mom and get all your schoolwork done. Then once your schoolwork is done, then you can practice your model poses in the mirror. But not until the schoolwork is done."


The former “America’s Next Top Model” executive producer and host is all hyped up for “Modelland” and intends to cast more than a dozen people.

She encouraged interested applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 to submit their profile photos on Instagram and tag “Modelland.” Tyra will personally view them and choose from there.

"I am doing a big search for the very first Modelland models and when I say models, I don't mean professional models that are signed to modeling agencies," she clarified.

"I don't mean the stereotype look of what people think a model is. At Modelland, we are redefining what a model is. I am announcing this huge secret project that exists inside of the Modelland universe. It is secret, it is massive and I am ready to change some lives!"

When Tyra puts her mind to it, we believe it to be true. That being said, we look forward to this epic project which we’re certain will be a hit once it opens.

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