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August 06, 2019

Watch Mo'Nique's Emotional Reaction after Finally Hitting Her Fitness Goal

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Mo'Nique has been trying to take much better care of her health in the past couple of years, and her latest fitness achievement got her emotional. 

The comedian was able to run around a track twice without stopping, and this was an awesome feat that almost brought her to tears. 

She shared a video of herself in front of a local race track, where she revealed she was able to run the track twice without having to stop. 


“When [my trainer] first brought me out to this track, he would let me walk half and then I had to run. I said to him, ‘One day, I want to be able to run around this track twice without stopping.’ Well, today was that day. I made it around this track twice without stopping.”

On achieving goals set for herself

As Mo'Nique continued speaking to her fans through the video, she got emotional as she tried to internalize the fact that after years, she was finally able to accomplish a goal she once set for herself. 


“I’m telling y’all, if you don’t quit on you, you’ll get what you’re asking for. Just don’t quit on you. It doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come through no magic potion or a special wand or processed boxed meals from a weight loss program. It comes from right here [pointing to her heart].”

Mo'Nique's different ways to get fit

It's not just running that Mo'Nique does as cardio work, as she found another way of staying fit - through dancing. 

In the past couple of months, she's been showing off clips of herself dancing to different dance crazes like Ciara's "Level Up," and Drake's "In My Feelings." 


The former "The Parkers" star previously revealed she never weighed under 300 pounds since she was 17-years-old, but now, she weighs less than 200 pounds. 

She continues to work hard to achieve even more than what she already has, and it's been incredible seeing her fitness journey through social media. 


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