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POTUS Met Man with 'Trump' Socks during His Visit to El Paso Hospital

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 10, 2019
01:00 P.M.

President Donald Trump got excited about a pair of socks one of his supporters wore at an event where the President compared the turnout of his rally to that of Beto O'Rourke's.


On Wednesday, the President of the United States visited the University Medical Center of El Paso hospital in Texas to praise the staff and speak with the survivors of Saturday's mass shooting.

Over 22 people were killed when Patrick Crusius allegedly opened fire inside a Walmart store in El Paso last Saturday. When Trump visited the hospital, his team didn't allow any official press to enter.

However, one person inside recorded at least two minutes of video which was uploaded to Twitter by KDBC, an affiliate of CBS. In it, Trump interacted with the staff and survivors who came out to see him. The video is found below.


He joked saying he doesn't know if they know that they've been "pretty busy" saving lives. Several times he mentioned how people "all over the world" were talking about the hospital workers.

Before he talked about taking out pictures, one fan of the President said he attended the February rally held by the POTUS and was at the front of the crowd.

He promptly lifted up his pant leg to show a pair of socks with Trump's pictures on it in bold letters. "Whoa! Oh, wow! Look at that!" the President exclaimed.


In line with his aversion to the press, he added: "Don't tell it to the press because they won't even believe it. They only believe it on voting day, on the day of the vote. They say, 'What happened? What happened?'"

Furthermore, prior to the display of his supporter's gaudy piece of clothing, Trump was praising his self for having a larger turnout than Beto O'Rourke at his rally in the city.

Trump claimed: "I was here three months ago. We made a speech. That place – packed, right? We had twice the number outside. And then you had this crazy Beto. Beto had like 400 people in a parking lot."


The actual figures for each event have not been conclusively determined. According to the Daily Mail, estimations for O'Rourke's event range from 7,000 by MSNBC to up to 15,000 by the El Paso Police Department.

The Department estimated that up to 10,000 might have attended Trump's rally, with only 6,500 attendees being allowed to enter the arena. O'Rourke was allowed to have a few extra thousand inside.


Online, persons took issue with the fact that Trump was boasting rally numbers considering the nature of his visit. The president was joined by his wife Melania Trump for the visit.

At one point, the couple posed with the youngest survivor of the shooting: two-month-old Paul Anchondo, whose parents died saving him from the shooter's bullets last weekend.

Jordan Anchondo, 25, and her husband Andre Anchondo, 24, died as heroes. The First Lady held the newborn while Trump gave a thumbs-up sign next to her. Paul's relatives flanked the first couple on either side.


Melania shared the photo to her Instagram account with the caption: "I met many incredible people in Dayton, Ohio & El Paso, Texas yesterday. Their communities are strong and unbreakable."

On a lighter note, the Trump fan who wore the unique sock wasn't the first to impress the POTUS with personalized footwear. Back in May, a Louisiana governor also went the extra mile for his presidential meeting.

The two shook hands at the Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Before they could leave the airport, however, Nungesser was eager to show off his special wardrobe.


Pictures showed as he lifted his pants up to reveal socks that featured a Trump image wearing a blue suit with a red tie. The kicker was the blonde hair at the top which had been stuck on to the socks.

Similar socks can be found online on Amazon.com for less than $40. People were thoroughly amused online and while some may have found it inappropriate both times, it no doubt brought laughter to otherwise very serious events.

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