Tami Roman's Daughter Weighs in on Whether Mom & Evelyn Lozada Will Ever Be 'Cool' Again

"Basketball Wives" stars, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada are not on speaking terms following a series of bust-ups they have been involved in. Tami's daughter, Jazz Anderson, voiced her opinion on the continued beef between her mom and Evelyn after being quizzed by a fan on Instagram. 

Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada share what can be described as a failed friendship. After seeming to be the best of both worlds, the pair turned out to become sparring enemies after a revelation from Evelyn about Tami's ex-husband.

The pair do not speak to each other currently, and when a fan asked Jazz Anderson about her thoughts on the beef, her reply was all shades of mature. 

Jazz Anderson held a question session on her Instagram story, where she answered questions asked by her fans. One of the fans asked the 23-year-old if her mom (Tami Roman) and Evelyn Lozada would ever be cool again.

In her response, the rapper explained that although she isn't her mother or Evelyn and can't speak for them, she could say that they are both grown-ups who can't like each other without being beefed up.

She further explained that as an adult, one could choose to be around another person without speaking about them, or bashing them, which is something she does all the time with females.

She ended by saying that she doubts if her mom and Evelyn can be in the same vicinity after what transpired at the "Basketball Wives" reunion. 

Jazz also answered a question on who her favorite basketball wife on the reality television show is, other than her mom. She stated that her favorite basketball wife is OG because she always held her own despite the situation.

Jazz explained that she valued people who don't go where the wind blows, a significant trait OG had. 


The fractious pair haven't always been at loggerheads with one another. While filming for the show's second season, the warring wives struck up a close friendship, with Tami even saying that she and Evelyn shared many moments and private situations.

However, all that changed when Evelyn made a shocking revelation that she slept with Kenny Anderson, Tami Roman's ex-husband. That revelation led to arguments, name-calling, bust-ups, and that got to a head when the pair almost hurt each other at a group dinner in the show's fifth season.

Despite their beef, Tami said she has no idea why Evelyn is mad at her. There is no telling if Tami and Evelyn can ever be cool again, but as Jazz said, it is best they stay out of each other's path. 

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