Phaedra Parks Shares Beach Photo with Sons after Apollo Nida's 2nd Release from Prison

Phaedra Parks is not letting her ex’s baggage stop her from spending time with her sons. She shared a photo of herself and the boys on a beach, days after Apollo Nida got re-released from jail.

Stuck with an ex who has missed out most of his children’s life, Phaedra Parks has stepped up to be a hands-on parent to her sons.

Days after her ex, Apollo Nida, got out of prison, the mum-of-two shared a photo on Instagram of herself and her sons enjoying the beach, with a beautiful sunset as their backdrop.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wore a one-piece swimsuit, and her sons stood beside her. The first, Dylan, wore blue shorts, while Aiden, the second, wore shorts and a shirt.

The TV star captioned the photo with a quote from Richard Paul Evans. It reads,

“Sunsets like childhood, are viewed with wonder; not just because they are beautiful, but because they are fleeting.”

The post got a lot of response from her followers, with many calling the trio, “An adorable family,” and “Gorgeous.”

In July, Parks shared photos of herself and her sons at the Essence Fest for the Champions of Change breakfast for Moms of Black Boys. The post got a lot of positive reactions with many gushing on how handsome the boys looked, and how grown Dylan and Aiden are.

That same month, the former Bravo star’s ex-husband got released from jail for the first time. Nine days after, (a little before Father’s Day) he got sent back to prison for breaking technical terms of his release.

At the time, Parks said her sons were unhappy and disappointed they will not see their father. She added that they were excited when Nida got out, and she hopes he cleans up his act and becomes a part of their children’s life.

The father-of-two got sent to jail for fraud and identity theft in 2014. The former TV star was to serve eight years, but his sentence got reviewed and reduced in March.

At the end of July, Nida got released for the second time, and he is currently residing at a federal halfway house transition home.

Parks and her ex share joint custody of their children, and while she’s hoping and praying for Nida to step up, she has physical custody and is dedicated to giving the boys the best life.

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