August 13, 2019

Brody Jenner Comments on Photo of Ex-Wife Kaitlynn Carter & Miley Cyrus after Split

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The famous TV personality, Brody Jenner, keeps a relationship with ex-wife on friendly terms. He recently dropped a positive comment on her photo.

Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter were an item for more than five years, and while the relationship may be over, Jenner and Carter remain good friends.


This was evident when Jenner recently commented on a picture Carter posted on Instagram. The photo featured herself with former Disney star, Miley Cyrus, in bathing suits aboard a boat.

“Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby.”


The post attracted a lot of attention including that of Brody Jenner who dropped a comment which hinted at his still evident admiration for her. He wrote, adding a “hot as flames” emoji:

“Hot girl Summer.”

A term making its rounds on the internet, it was coined by the famous rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.


According to Jenner’s reps, both parties decided to cordially separate after a year of marriage admitting that while they loved as well as respected each other, they also knew to leave each other was the best decision they could take. 

However, after a source recently disclosed that the couple was never officially wedded, fans of the couple were forced to review their relationship in a new light.



In a report by PEOPLE, another source close to the couple added that Carter’s desire to have children and Jenner’s refusal to indulge her also influenced their decision to separate.

And according to TMZ, Carter demanded a legal marriage from Jenner after their wedding ceremony which was held in Indonesia in June last year. Jenner reportedly refused, and it all just went downhill from there.


The ceremony was attended by Jenner’s friends and family with the exception of the iconic Kardashian-Jenner household.

In an interview Jenner had with PEOPLE, he expressed regret that his “two little sisters” had not shown up for the ceremony, stating that they never got a reply to the invites they sent.

Caitlyn reportedly gave Jenner reasons why she would be absent, however, when asked what they were, Jenner wouldn’t elaborate.

The couple did not let that dampen their spirits, however, and the celebration commenced in pomp and style with Jenner’s mom, Linda Thompson, in appearance.