Colin Kaepernick Reveals He's Training Five Days a Week and Is 'Still Ready' for NFL

Colin Kaepernick reveals he’s “Still Ready” to play for the NFL sharing a clip of him working out. He admits frequently training while unemployed during the past three years. 

Colin Kaepernick’s training didn’t end when he opted not to renew his contract with the 49ers back in 2017. In fact, in the last couple of years he wasn’t playing, he’s been staying fit, prepared for the event that the NFL would want him back.


Colin scored a huge win in February when he won in the lawsuit he filed against the football league. He argued that in connivance with team owners, the NFL deprived him of employment due to his controversial kneeling during the national anthem in protest against racial injustice in America. 

Details of the court settlement were not divulged but there were rumors he’s getting enough money to set his family up for life. However, his lawyer, Mark Geragos told CNN what his client wants most is to return to the NFL. 

“He wants to compete at the highest level. This is a competitive young man,” he said

"Unfortunately, in spite of his court win and heavy training, to this day, the 31-year-old remains a free agent.


Hoping one day he would play again, Kaepernick stuck to his daily routine as if he was part of a team. According to his recent post featuring a clip of him working out, he’s been training regularly for the last 889 days that he was denied work. 

“5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still Ready,” he captioned the impressive video.

Colin is featured lifting weights in the less-than-one-minute clip. In the end, he removes his black sleeveless shirt to reveal his toned and tattooed torso. The athlete appears determined to stay fit, taking his training seriously with a body to prove it. 


Unfortunately, in spite of his court win and heavy training, to this day, the 31-year-old remains a free agent. This doesn’t mean though that his life was on a standstill. His participation in Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign was a marketing success that it was nominated for an Emmy last year. 

He also remains an advocate for social justice. In July, he expressed support for his good friend, Eric Reid who vowed to keep kneeling during the singing of the National Anthem.

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