Tristan Thompson's Ex Jordan Craig Praised for Taking Son to Elephant Park in Thailand

Fans praise single mother, Jordan Craig, for the intimate relationship she shares with her son.

21-year-old single mom, Jordan Craig, recently lifted the standard of mother-son goals when she took to Instagram to share photos taken with her son from her vacation tour.

The first photo had a mud-covered bikini-clad Jordan keeping one arm on a young elephant's shoulder while the other arm held her equally mud-covered son, Prince.

The second photo from her post featured Jordan squatting in the mud leaning in for a tender kiss from the Little Prince. The third photo captured Prince's fascination with the enormous elephant Jordan was attempting to feed.

The comments section was aflame with positive comments from fans who encouraged her to keep it up, saying the posts gave new meaning to mother goals.

A fan wrote:

"I love that she takes him all around with her."

Another stated:

"Love that you do so much with your son awesome mother goals such a class act, keep up the good job as a parent."

Earlier this month, Jordan's ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, reportedly broke his silence concerning the backlash Khloe Kardashian had been receiving from fans who believe his relationship with her began while he and Jordan were together. 

He did this via his Twitter handle where he candidly stated that he had been "single" when his relationship with Khloe started.

He went further to add that he needed the negative comments aimed towards Khloe to be stopped as she does not deserve to be punished for his mistakes.

Tristan finished his statement by admitting that both women had been great mothers to his kids.

However, according to Jordan, the same could not be said for Tristan as she declared in court documents that he had only seen his son a total of nine times as at November 2018.

This declaration was met with confusion as the 28-year-old NBA player was thought to be a doting father stemming from his frequent posts about Prince on his Instagram page. Jordan wrote in her declaration:

"I have given Tristan almost two years to step up and assume the fatherly role for our Son. As set forth below in detail, he has failed to do so."

She further stated:

"I cannot force Tristan to be a father. I have been and will continue to be the sole caretaker of our Son. It is my pleasure to care for him daily and tend to his needs."

In her defence, Khloe Kardashian revealed via a lengthy Instagram post, reasons why she had initially hooked up with Tristan.

In the post, she claimed that he made her think that his relationship with Jordan was over and had even provided several proofs, including phone calls with his lawyers.

However rather than be at odds with one another, Jordan and Khloe seem to have found common ground having acknowledged the fact that they had both been cheated on when news that Tristan also cheated on Khloe with Jordyn Woods broke out.

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