Wendy Williams Reassures Fans Her Talk Show Will Be on until She 'Says No'

Time might be ticking, but Wendy Williams remains "Fixed on TV." The talk show host convinced fans that neither she nor her show is going off-air anytime soon.

Wendy Williams clarified the state of her show during her interview with Andy Cohen at Sirius XM radio in New York. When asked by the radio presenter if "The Wendy Williams Show" would go beyond season 11, the TV host responded, "I am firmly on TV."

Williams acknowledged that her contract expires in 2020, but added afterwards that she's by no means ready to quit the show. She reiterated the statement outside the studio when TMZ caught up with her before entering a black SUV.

The TV personality told the news outlet that the show would end when she "says no," and not a moment sooner. The fate of the daytime talk show got questioned after reports surfaced that some of the crew are looking for employment beyond the next season.

According to Page Six, the production company, Debmar-Mercury, has not renewed the show for a twelfth season, and until that happens, the future remains uncertain.

A representative of the show had earlier debunked the story of the crew seeking alternative employment. Based on the statement released by the rep to Page Six, the team recently celebrated the end of season 10, and are very happy with their current employment.

Williams' show had a lot of setbacks and hiatus in the last season due to her health challenges, addiction problems, and divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter, who served as her executive producer.

The TV star also lost her long-time producer, Talia Parkinson-Jones to another show, but remains unfazed.

Williams has shown how resilient she is in the face of difficulties, and she displayed it by staying with Hunter after it became clear to the world that he had a second family with Shaina Hudson.

The mum-of-one told Cohen she saw the signs and knew he was seeing someone else before it became public knowledge.

She had, however, let her ex stay because of their son, Kevin Hunter Jr. The New York resident said it would have been unfair to the teenager to split from his father while he was still at home.

Williams added that once her child was away at college, nothing was holding her back, and she ended her marriage with Hunter.

The talk show host might not have been able to save her marriage, but she can keep her show. "The Wendy Williams Show" returns with season 11 on September 16.

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