Ex 'Rookie' Star Afton Williamson Opens up about Abuse at Age 6 for 4 Years at Babysitter's House

After revealing that she quit her show because two of her co-workers were sexually and verbally abusing her, Afton Williamson reveals that this was not the first time she was scarred by sexual abuse. 

In fact, on a recent Instagram post of Maya Angelou's book, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," the actress revealed that she was abused at six-years-old by someone at her babysitter's house. What made everything even more painful, was that her own family did not believe her and they sent her back to the same house the following day. 

Detailing the traumatic situation on Instagram, she wrote:  “I was sexually abused at a babysitter’s home when I was 6 years old. I told. I was sent back the next day. I was abused for the next 4 years.”

The Aftermath of Early Abuse 

That situation would end with her suffering from PTSD and hair loss, but it was also during those times where she found solace in God. 

“At 13, I started losing my hair to PTSD. So I shaved my head. That’s how I entered high school. I was terrified but I was strong. It was during these 4 years that God spoke to me. Told me who I was. Showed me what I would become. The isolation of being different pushed me so close to Him it was just the 2 of us. He told me I had to fight. So I did.”

Hoping for a fresh start

After being able to stand on her own, she left her hometown of Toledo, Ohio after graduating from college and graduate school, hoping for a fresh new start. 

Sadly, the cycle of abuse never stopped and she had to deal with torment from abusive relationships, toxic friendships, and sexual abuse from people whom she thought were her friends. 

“Over the years, as I was fighting everything and everyone it seemed, I had to fight my past. My present. The abuse never stopped. Abusive relationships, toxic friendships, multiple rapes: the last one 3wks before college graduation, a guy I called ‘friend,'” she recalled.

Coping through the years

However, despite all the cycles of torment that she had to endure through the years, it is only now that she found peace, thanks to her courage to speak up

“I grew more and more successful and thought the pain was gone. It was ever-present, 20yr battle with Bulimia, suicide attempt; wrist tattoos to celebrate 10yrs of no cutting.I never felt pretty. I never felt good. I never had peace. Until now. Abuse is a devil that robs us of our True Identity. It is a Liar. It is in my recovery from all of the pain and brokenness that I am walking in my Truth. God reminded me that I have been assigned a Tribe. A Tribe of Survivors. I owe you my Truth. To whom much is given, much is required. I am Free. May My Truth be a Light. A path to Yours. Afton”

Opening Up about "The Rookie" Abusers

Before opening up about the abuse she received as a child, she first revealed that she was abused on the set of her show, "The Rookie." 

She named actor Demetrius Grosse and Hair Department Head Sally Nicole Ciganovich as her abusers, and the two are now being investigated by the network following the accusations. 

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