August 25, 2019

Daily Joke: At the Zoo, a Young Woman Asks the Keeper Why the Monkey Island Is Empty

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This joke is about a young lady who visits a zoo. She was wondering why there were no monkeys there, so she asked a keeper, and the answer was funny.

One day, a young woman walked through the National Zoo. She then finally stopped in front of the monkey island. But she was puzzled with regards to the whereabouts of the animals.

Woman standing behind leaves | Photo: Pexels


When she saw the keeper, she immediately approached him and asked, "Where are all of the monkeys?"

"They're all back in the cave, Miss," he replied, "It's right in the midst of the mating season."

"I see," she said, "Do you think they'd come out if I offered them some of these peanuts?"

The keeper grinned and responded, "Well, I can't rightly say as I know Miss. Would you?"

Monkeys on wooden palette | Photo: Pexels


If you laughed out loud, this another joke will keep you laughing for more.

A zebra, who had lived her whole life in the zoo, was getting on a bit. As a treat, the keeper decided to give her a chance to spend her final years in bliss on a farm.

The excited zebra quickly got out of the horse float to see this tremendous space with green grass and slope and trees and all these peculiar creatures. 

Zebra near bushes | Photo: Pexels


The young woman then saw a vast, odd-looking brown thing and ran up to it. "Hi! I'm a zebra, what are you?" she said.

"I'm a cow," the cow answered. 

"Right, and what do you do?" asked the zebra.

"I make milk for the farmer."

Cow standing in pasture | Photo: Pexels


"Cool." The zebra saw this funny looking little white thing and ran over to it. "Hi, I'm a zebra, what are you?"

"I'm a chicken," replied the chicken.

"Oh, right, what do you do?" asked the zebra.

"I make eggs for the farmer."

Chicken with peep of chick outdoor | Photo: Pexels


"That's great! See you around." Then the zebra saw this attractive beast that looked precisely like her without the stripes. She ran over to it and said, "Hi, I'm a zebra, what are you?"

"I am a Stallion," the stallion responded.

"Wow," said the zebra. "What do you do?"

"Remove your pajamas sweetheart, and I'll demonstrate to you." 

Stallion on grass field | Photo: Pexels

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