August 26, 2019

Robin Williams' Daughter Is All Grown up and She Looks Stunning

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Late Comedian and American actor, Robin Williams has a beautiful daughter who has grown up to follow his footsteps.

Robin Williams was first recognized as a stand-up comedian and later pursued a career as a talented actor. He died in 2014 and is survived by three children. One of his beautiful children, Zelda, has grown into a beautiful woman with a flair for entertainment.


Zelda Williams is a 30-year-old actress and is the oldest of William's children by his second wife. Zelda recently took to social media to celebrate her younger brother, Cody Williams who just got married.

She posted two beautiful pictures on her Instagram page; the first featured the newly wedded couple flanked on both sides by herself and her half-brother Zachary Pim.


The second picture was a heartwarming one of Cody and his beautiful wife caught in motion holding hands while staring into each other's eyes.

Zelda had a lengthy and emotional caption to go with the post:

"The 21st of July has meant many things to me over the years."



The 30-year-old video game enthusiast then went on to mention the events that had unfolded on that date in the past, including the last day she saw her father before his death. She wrote:

"And it was the day my Dad was born, and the last day I got to see him."

Moving on, Zelda revealed that previous events she experienced had always made the day a sombre one for her. However, she doesn't see that happening anymore because the latest event to occur on this fateful day was one that calls for celebration and not a box of tissues.


According to Zelda, it's the day she gained a "new sister," referring to Cody's wife, Maria Flores. She had more to say as she expressed happiness and gratitude towards Cody and Maria for giving her a chance to witness their love.


concluded the caption

with a mention of her half-brother, Zachary:

"Zak, Mom and I love you both dearly, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!"


The post attracted a lot of positive comments from her fans and followers as they complimented the her courage and words. A fan exclaimed.

"Everyone looks so stunning!!!"

Another stated:

"So so lovely. So so happy for everyone."

Zelda started acting in 1994 and has been steadily making a name for herself since then. She has bagged several roles including those she played in the 1994 movie "In Search of Dr. Seuss," and the hit TV show, "Criminal Minds."


While she displays her father's effortless talent, she also adds a feel and identity that's hers alone. It did not come as a surprise to anyone when Zelda decided to pursue a career as an actress since she practically lived a good percentage of childhood on set with her father.

However, acting is not her only interest. She has proved to be a humanitarian like just like her late dad by carrying on his charity works. Zelda was supposedly named after "Princess Zelda," a character in a video game her parents liked.


Robin Williams died in 2014 when he allegedly hung himself in his house due to depression that developed when he learned he had Lewy body dementia. While alive Williams achieved many notable feats that now serves as a reminder of who he was.

Some of the feats include his charity works, his involvement in the eagerness of celebrities to act as voice-overs for animations, his generosity and his willingness to offer a helping hand to people he considered friends and family.

RIP Robin!