August 26, 2019

Daily Joke: Woman Can't Find Her Car Keys and Realizes That the Vehicle Was Stolen

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A woman’s conclusion that her car got stolen led to embarrassing and unintended consequences. A woman had a meeting at a hotel and afterward could not find her car keys.

She searched diligently for it in her bag but came up short.

The woman went back to where she had her meeting, but after searching every nook and cranny, and turning over the furniture, she still could not find it.

Photo of a woman walking past parked cars | Image: Getty Images


The woman suddenly realized the best explanation is that she left the keys in her car. Before she could finish the thought, she remembered her husband warned her about leaving the keys in the vehicle.

The woman and her husband have never agreed on the soundness of leaving behind her keys in the car. While she believed it was safe in the ignition, her husband saw it as the best way for unscrupulous individuals to steal the vehicle.

Photo of a car | Image: Getty Images


Panicking at the thought, the woman rushed to the parking lot, thinking the car will be there, but to her surprise, it was not there. At this point, the woman got convinced that someone has stolen her car, and she decided to report it.

The woman informed the police about the theft; she gave them her location, plate number, and the description of where she parked the car.

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The woman equally admitted to leaving her keys in the ignition, and after filing the report, braced herself to call her husband.

Summoning courage, she said when he picked up the call:

“Honey, I left my keys in the car, and it got stolen.”

The woman’s husband didn’t respond immediately, and then she heard his angry voice:

“You airhead! I dropped you off at the hotel this morning.”

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Embarrassed by her mistake, the woman said in a low voice:

“Oh! You’re right,” before asking, “Can you come, and get me?”

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The husband, still angry at the woman responded harshly:

“I will, as soon as this policeman believes that I didn’t steal your car.”