Rod Stewart's Daughter Melts Hearts with Photo of Beautiful Granddaughter Who's Turned 8

Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly Stewart shared a beautiful photo of his granddaughter on her eighth birthday. The little girl looked so adorable; she melted hearts.

Rod Stewart is a proud grandfather with a lot of grandchildren, but only one of them just turned 8, and that’s Delilah, Kimberly Stewarts, daughter. 

To celebrate the special day, Kimberly, shared on Instagram, a photo of her daughter surrounded by balloons. The little girl clasped her hands together, as she looked eagerly at the birthday cake in front of her, with candles waiting to get blown. The rock star’s daughter captioned the photo,

“Happy 8th birthday to my beautiful little unicorn,” with a heart-shaped emoji at the end.

The emoji reappeared severally in the comments section, as Kimberly’s followers loved the little girl’s look.

One follower wrote, “Sweet girl, so beautiful,” while another wrote, “Little angel.” A third commenter called the celebrant, “Beauty,” while her uncle, Sean Stewart, commented with heart-shaped emojis.

Delilah is Kimberly’s daughter with husband, Benicio del Toro. She joined the Stewarts’ clan in August 2011, and Rod was ecstatic about her birth. The singer was so excited that he spilled his granddaughter’s name in an interview before his daughter and her husband could make an announcement.

The little girl’s mother is Rod’s first child with his first wife, Alana Stewart and they were together for five years before getting a divorce. The singer and the mum-of-two reunited this year along with two of his exes, Rachel Hunter, and Kelly Emerg, for Kimberly’s 40th birthday. 

It got tagged “Mother’s reunion” by Emberg who shared photos from the day on social media, and Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, equally attended. The singer’s family is perfectly blended, and in 2017, they had a similar reunion in New York City.

Although the ex-wives were not present, the Award-winning rock star had his children and grandchildren with him. They all smiled and grinned from ear to ear in the photos Penny shared on social media.

Interestingly, while Kimberly might be Rod’s first child by marriage, he had a daughter, Sarah Streeter, when he was 17 with his then-girlfriend, Susannah Boffey, in ’63. He gave Sarah up for adoption and only reunited with her after her adoptive parents died in 2007.

The singer’ 56-year-old daughter, told the DailyMail that it took a while before she could refer to the singer as her father. She said about their relationship,

“It has evolved a lot in the last few years. It has taken so much time because he’s not just my dad, is he? He’s a star… but over the years, it has become much more relaxed, and now he’s just ‘Dad’ to me.”

Rod has a good relationship with his eight children, and his joy is indescribable. He is thankful for the things he has that go beyond material possessions and lives his life, content with what he has.

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