Porsha Williams' Daughter PJ Is All Smiles in Pink Fruity Dress after Catching a Cold

Porsha Williams' daughter PJ is growing up way too fast, this time flashing a smile in a pink fruity dress after catching a cold. 

There's no such thing as bad days for little Pilar Jhena McKinley, who made sure to flash a smile at the camera despite feeling under the weather. Her proud mom, Porsha Williams, made sure to snap a photo of her little girl looking adorable as ever in her pink fruity dress, sharing that her little girl caught a cold. 

Smiling Through the Cold

However, despite her cold, Pilar Jhena, nicknamed "PJ," didn't let this get in the way of a good picture as she flashed a toothless smile for her mom. On the caption, the proud mommy wrote: "Pilar Jhena McKinley. #Obsessed #SheLooksLikeHerName @pilarjhena."

The little five-month-old baby also missed out on some "mommy and me" yoga time with her mom's friends because of her cold, hoping to go to the next one instead. On Instagram, the proud mom shared a photo of her friends with their little ones, apologizing that they couldn't make it. 

"@lodwill Mommy & Me Yoga was a total success! Sorry PJ and I couldn't make it we are still battling colds! We will def be at the next one!! Love you & love our supportive friends."

Announcing Her Child's Name

Back in April, Porsha Williams announced that she named her little one Pilar Jhena, with her moniker being "PJ."

On PJ's official Instagram account, they shared what the meaning of her name was. "Pilar," is of Spanish descent, and is an allusion to Christianity, particularly Mother Mary's role as a "pillar" of the Catholic Church. 

The Correct Pronunciation

As her daughter grows older, Porsha feels as if she is looking more and more like a "Pilar," much to her amusement. 

In a follow-up video, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star demonstrated the correct way to say her daughter's name on an Instagram Live session, which they posted on Pilar's Instagram. 

Now, everyone can join in on talking about Pilar Jhena and her adorable ways. 

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