Photo of Boy Comforting His Classmate with Autism on First Day of School Goes Viral

A story of an elementary school boy consoling his classmate with autism has become an internet sensation, the parents are very happy for the newly found friendship.

On the first day of school, young Christian Moore of Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary in Kansas helped a fellow student and made a new friend. 

8-year-old Christian saw one of his classmates having a hard time and went to console him. He took his hand, and they walked inside the school together. 

Christian’s mother, Courtney Coko Moore, took several pictures of the young boys, and one of those snapshots is going viral

The picture in question shows Christian holding a crying boy's hand. “I’m so proud of my son,” Courtney wrote on the sweet post she shared on Facebook. 

"He seen a kid balled up into a corner crying, so he went to console him, grabbed his hand and walked him inside of the school! It is an honor to raise such a loving, compassionate child! He's a kid with a Big heart, the first day of school started off right."

The post has more than five thousand comments and almost twenty thousand shares. With the story going viral, the post reached someone special: April Crites, the mother of the crying boy in the picture.

"Tell your son I said thank you so very much! That little boy he helped is my son and is autistic," she commented on Moore’s post. 

"I worry everyday that he is going to get bullied for being different and your son just absolutely warmed my heart. If there were more children like him I wouldn't worry about such things."

Courtney later shared on KWCH-TV that she had noticed the touching comment, and revealed that Christian struggles with speech. She also mentioned that the boys are unique in their own way.

She replied to Alice's comment writing

"I hope that this will be the beginning of a new friendship for both of our sons. Your son was so sweet."

CBS News got in touch with both mothers, and they revealed that the boys were now inseparable.

Wichita Public School district also shared the picture in hopes of inspiring countless others to be just as empathetic and compassionate as Christian.

While Christian is doing his part with empathy, the state of Indiana is taking action against discrimination and is looking to suspend some teachers after they awarded an autistic boy with the "Most Annoying Male" award.

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