Richard Pryor's Son Speaks up Following Paul Mooney Sexual Violation Allegations

Monica Otayza
Aug 31, 2019
01:50 P.M.
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Richard Pryor Jr. speaks up about Rashon Khan's accusation that his dad's friend, Paul Mooney, sexually harrassed him as a teenager.


After rumors emerged of the late Paul Mooney molesting Richard Pryor Jr. as a teen, the two sides involved in the issue have spoken up with their own statements. 

Denying the Accusations

Paul Mooney's camp denied all accusations against their client, saying Richard Pryor Jr. and Rashon Khan's statements do not add up, especially since Paul and his father would still hang out in 1999, years after the alleged molestation occurred. 

Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor Sr. at a movie screening in West Hollywood back in 1999. | Getty Images


Mooney's representatives add that if their client did indeed do such thing, it would have been impossible for Richard Pryor Sr. to still be friends with him two decades after. 

Backing Up the Claims

However, Richard Pryor Jr. was keen on backing up his father's ex-bodyguard, Rashon Kahn, and his claims against Mooney. In fact, he even revealed that Richard Sr. put a $1 million hit on Mooney after finding out about the whole ordeal. 


Confirming that he did get molested as a teenager, Richard Jr. said that "whatever happened" to him took place when he was young, even before the '80s. While he did not name is alleged molester, his representative said that the incident happened before he was in the age of consent. 

Promoting a Memoir

News of the controversial incident came to light after Khan began promoting his memoir, "Everything Wasn't Funny." 


In an interview with Comedy Hype, Khan revealed that Paul Mooney, Pryor Sr.'s writer, and best friend, slept with his son at a young age, which ended with Pryor putting a hit on Mooney's head. 

However, while Khan insinuated a non-consensual relationship between the two, internet users suggested that the relationship was indeed consensual, and he was around 24-years-old at the time of the alleged incident. They added that Khan is using Pryor Jr. for his own personal gain, hoping to gain publicity for his book. 

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