September 03, 2019

'Bond' Girl Monica Bellucci, 54, Shows off Curves in White One-Piece for Vanity Fair Italia Cover

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Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci flaunts her stunningly youthful figure in a barely-there swimwear while posing for Vanity Fair. 

A new issue from Vanity Fair, dated August 20, features the veteran actress on its cover page. Bellucci is well past her fifties, but that is so hard to tell from how gorgeous she looks on the magazine cover.


The fashion photoshoot features the award-winning actress wearing a white swimsuit that clung to her like a second skin. The one-piece swimsuit is of a unique design as it features a corset bodice belted at the waist so that Bellucci's womanly physique was in view. 

For Bellucci, who started her entertainment career as a model, age is nothing but a number. Her well-toned physique can be appreciated as she is half immersed in a shallow swimming pool.


The "The Matrix Revolutions" star had a sultry look with her arms thrown over her head to shield her face from the glare of the sun.

Termed the "new beach" look, the shoot had make-up artists applying a light make-up on Bellucci so that she looked effortlessly beautiful. She also sported a wet hair look which couldn't be more perfect for the special photo session. 


The cover photo was accompanied with the words, "Il tempo di Monica Bellucci" boldly written over it. The words translate to mean, "Monica's time," signifying how vital the photoshoot is. 

Via Instagram, Vanity Fair shared news of the collaboration alongside an elegant photo. Their caption, reads:

"In youth, we see the world black and white. We become conformists and victims of all the lectures we have given until we ourselves understand what is really important to us."


The fashion magazine concluded the message writing: 

"Who does not have nostalgia for the past, there is no fear of the future. Beauty Bellucci loves to change everything in life, even men."

The message rings clear as it connotes to Bellucci's youthfulness as well as the fact that she has control of every aspect of her life despite that. Netizens couldn't agree more, and they took to the comments section to send Bellucci compliments. 

Bellucci is a fashionista in every sense, which is no surprise considering that she started out being a runway model. The mother of two apparently finds it difficult to avoid paparazzi taking photos of her.


Although most of the photos are taken unawares, they seem to have her flaunting her stunning figure whether she is modestly covered or casually dressed.

Here's to hoping she shares the secret to her youthful glow someday!