September 05, 2019

TMZ: J-Lo & A-Rod Reportedly Sued by Man Who Claims He Was Hit by Car Carrying the Couple

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Talented singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who is otherwise known as J-Lo and her sportsman beau, Alex Rodriguez have been accused of hitting a man with their car.

The couple was on their way out in their Cadillac SUV when they unexpectedly ran over a man known as Liyanage Perera in a Los Angeles alley.


Information garnered by TMZ revealed that the complainant was walking down a restaurant around Melrose Avenue last year October when the pair’s vehicle hit him and caused him to sustain minor injuries. 


The incident happened as the couple's driver tried to swerve away from the prying eyes of the media. The suit didn't mention if Perera was a papparazi, but he could also be seen holding a camera.

The clicks and frustrating shutter sounds from surrounding cameras influenced the way the driver manoeuvred the SUV.

 The driver’s expression showed that it was not on purpose, and he subtly blamed the photographers for the accident. According to him:

“See what happens when you flash all the flashes? I can’t see where I’m going.”

The culprit got a reply from one of the photographers, and his response insinuated that Liyanage was out of the way of the driver.  



The charges levied on the celebrity couple involved them paying for medical bills and damages. Apart from the lawsuit filed against the lovers, Liyanage opined that the way the singer and baseball star behaved after the incident was not pleasant.

He said that they did not advise their security [driver] to be cautious; making them culpable in the incident. He also maintained that they left the scene in a haste, and did not concern themselves with checking on him.


 According to information from law enforcement, a pedestrian is supposed to restrain from obstructing the free movement of vehicles, either by standing in front or behind. The star couple is yet to say anything as regards the issue at hand.

 A few weeks ago, J-Lo’s heartthrob’s rental car fell prey to a robbery attack, while the sports star was out in San Francisco. According to reports, personal belongings which included pieces of jewellery and electrical appliances worth $500,000 were carted away.

A source revealed to TMZ that the price on the stolen items was overrated. Whether or not this is true, it is an unfortunate incident as no one would like to lose their belongings.