Danielle Fishel from 'Boy Meets World' Shared Details about Son Adler's Health Crisis: 'It Was Traumatizing'

Actress Danielle Fishel has opened up about her son's health crisis. She described the challenging time as traumatizing.

"Boy Meets World" star Danielle Fishel and husband Jensen Karp, welcomed their son Adler on June 24. However, his birth and the journey to getting him home wasn't an easy one.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the new mother shared details about Adler's health crisis, his time in the neonatal intensive care unit, and how she and Jensen weathered the storm. 

Fishel, who has been quite open with Adler's fluid build-up in his lungs on Instagram, explained that her little one was diagnosed with chylothorax, which is a leak in the lymphatic system.

As a result of his condition, Adler has to be bottle-fed because Danielle's breast milk creates fluid in his lungs. 

The 38-year-old recalled that soon after baby Adler was born, he was rushed to Children's Hospital Los Angeles when the staff at Providence Tarzan's Medical Center noticed that his lungs refused to heal on its own. Initially, the medical team thought it was nothing serious and told Fisher it was quite common, but things took a downward turn. 

Recounting the harrowing experience, the new mom said:

"That was obviously devastating for us. It was traumatizing. We were not expecting that. The last thing we had heard was that it looks good, the fluid's going down. We expected to have this ultrasound done and be told there was no more fluid in his lungs."

Fishel recounted that she rode in the ambulance with her son to the Children's Hospital, and when they got there, the doctors told her they would most likely perform surgery to drain the fluid. Luckily, Adler's lungs began to heal and didn't have to undergo surgery. 

Talking about the three weeks they spent in NICU before Adler's discharge, the happy mother said:

"It's a real long, slow process in the NICU. If we have one thing to tell people about, if someone is going into the NICU with their child, it would be do not think you're only going to be here for 48 hours or 72 hours."

On Adler's big day out of the hospital, Fisher took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Jensen leaving the hospital with their latest addition in a car seat.

She celebrated that their first child was "officially a NICU graduate” and thanked the hospital team for their care. She also sent her wishes to parents who have experienced a similar fate.


Ever since Adler's return home, Danielle has religiously documented his growth journey on the gram.' However, through it all, she never shows his face.

When asked by followers why she does that, the "Girl Meets World" actress revealed her reasons via an Instagram post.

She explained that although she and Jensen love social media, they have chosen to keep Adler's face away because he isn't old enough to make that choice. Also, they did so to protect him from trolls.

We are glad Danielle and Jensen were able to have their son home in time! We wish them nothing but joy going forward!

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