September 07, 2019

Meet 'Superman' Actor Glen Ford's Lookalike Son, Peter, Who Keeps His Dad's Legacy Alive

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Legendary actor Glenn Ford is survived by his only son, Peter Newton Ford. Peter, not only bears a striking resemblance to the legendary entertainer but grew to become an actor like him. 

Born February 5, 1945, Peter is the sole product of Glenn's 16-year marriage to actress Eleanor Powell. The couple parted ways in 1959, and the actor went on to marry three more times. 

Glenn Ford and Peter Ford. | Photo: Getty Images.


Peter, however, remains his only child and one to be very proud of too. Glenn passed away in 2006 at the age of 90, but Peter has managed to carry on his legacy. Although now retired, Peter has made numerous contributions to the entertainment industry. 


Peter grew up in affluence, thanks to his parents' status in society. It is almost expected that the exposure would make him become attached to the show business. 

His biography shares that while young, Peter "was responsible for the Bill Haley and the Comet's song "Rock Around the Clock.'" The piece would go on to become the theme song of his father's 1955 film release, "Blackboard Jungle."


Glenn Ford with his wife, Eleanor Powell and their son, Peter Ford.| Photo: Getty Images.

Little Peter is described as musically precocious as he displayed great live and talent for music. According to reports, a young Peter's record collection and his recommendations were the sources that director Richard Brooks used for his father's MGM film.  


As a young adult, Peter was signed to Capitol Records where he was mentored by legendary soul singer, Nat "King" Cole. Later, the release of his single, "Blue Ribbons" resulted in appearances on many teen music television shows of that era. 

Glenn Ford posing for a photo.| Photo: Getty Images.


This song that Dick Clark dubbed "the national anthem of rock and roll" ushered in the rock and roll revolution that was to shape American culture significantly. 


While active, Peter worked in nearly two dozen-film projects, as an actor and dialogue director. His many film credits include the 1946 film, "Gilda," 1954 release, "The American," 1959 film, "The Gazebo" in 1959, and many others. 

Glenn Ford showing a rifle to his son Peter Ford.| Photo: Getty images.


Now retired, Peter is recognized as a student and collector of Native American culture. He is also known to collect movie memorabilia from Hollywood's Golden Age. Till date, he strives to keep his parents' memories alive by maintaining The Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell Library and Archives. 

Today, Peter and his wife Lynda, now married more than 43-years, reside in the hills of Burbank, California. They also have a home in Bigfork, Montana and will soon become permanent residents of that state.