Little Known Facts about Kate Gosselin Who Gave Birth to Sextuplets

Kate Gosselin rose to fame when she gave birth to the third group of sextuples all alive in the United States in 2005. The television channel Discovery Health made several specials about her in 2005 and 2006, and family: “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins” and “Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later”.

The Gosselin marriage had its reality show, “Jon and Kate + 8,” where they told about the challenges of raising a pair of twins and the sixfold capturing the audience's attention almost instantaneously. After two seasons, the TLC network hosted the show, which became the most popular television show.

Possibly the pressure of being in front of the cameras 24/7 was too much for the couple, because only two seasons after starting the show, Kate and Jon had serious problems. In 2009 the couple announced in an episode that they had made the decision to divorce.

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images


The show was the most popular of the TLC network in 2010 and they did not want to cancel it, so when Kate divorced and took full custody of the eight children, they decided to rename it as “Kate + 8”. It would now be a reality that would show the challenges of a single mother who has to raise eight children alone.

The show suffered early cancellation before the end of the first season due to problems with Jon, who was fighting for child custody, which according to the divorce agreement was shared and could not have more than four of his children at the same time.

Again the show was canceled in 2011 before the end of the second season due to problems with Jon's lawyers. It would be in 2014 that TLC would talk to Kate and her family for a special meeting.

In 2015 the television network managed to re-air the series “Kate + 8” for the third season and from that moment until its cancellation in 2017 the series remained a favorite of the public.


It is known that during their final stage of marriage and the first years of divorce, Kate and Jon had multiple problems that wreaked havoc on their relationship, to the point that today they have no contact. Each of them has continued with their own life and has nothing to do with the other.

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

All these conflicts and fights, where several times the police had to intervene also caused problems with the children. Especially with Hanna, one of the sextuples, who repeatedly claimed that she didn't want to live with her mother.

Other sextuples, Collin and Alexis were presenting problems at school for bad behavior, to the point that they were expelled from the private school they attended. Kate later explained that because they were misbehaving after the divorce, the boys would be educated at home with a tutor and would receive the support they needed to get through this difficult stage.


The time of the children with their father was varied from the beginning, with several incidents in which the police had to intervene, due to the vagueness of the custody agreement. Kate and Jon had a couple of incidents due to misunderstandings about who owed custody on a certain day, which led them to court to clarify the matter.

Two of the sextuplets, Collin and Hanna, were the most time spent with his father. Instead, the Madelyn and Cara twins have had almost no contact with their father during these years. On one occasion they commented that he does not know them, they have not related and do not believe that his father's complaints on TV help to improve what they think of him or change the status of his relationship with him.

Jon Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

Jon Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images


During the decade that the show was on the air, on many occasions the spectators accused Kate of being very strict in the discipline with her children, even to the point of taking her to a very high level. It has been said that in order to punish them, she sent them to remove weeds from the property, locked him in their rooms, that she only bought them cell phones to have something to confiscate when they had bad behavior.

Whether true or not, the fact is that Kate has shown a parenting style that some of the viewers of the show have not pleased. Another thing that has criticized him a lot is that unlike most mothers trying to stay in control in public, Kate has no qualms to shout at her children when she needs to get their attention.


There has also been much comment about their demands regarding cleanliness and order in the house. The babysitter in any house has to comply with certain rules, it is logical that parents make sure that their children will follow the instructions they have given and that the nannies employed will respect those rules.

But what is said about Kate is that she has a complete manual for babysitters, which includes activities and schedules to perform certain activities, moments when they can not make noises because Kate is resting and other demands that have more to do with Kate and her rules that with the care of children.

In addition, his insistence that children do not get dirty when they go out to play outside the house has been notorious during the show. Kate has repeatedly yelled at the children for getting their clothes dirty. Nor does it allow them to wear other clothes other than the school uniform when they go to visit their father Jon.


Kate's need to be in control of everything around her has led her to have strict rules for the program workers filming at home. It is normal to want to have some privacy from time to time, especially when you have people at home with a camera all the time.

The problem is that it seems that for Kate things are black and white. The team that works in her house is only allowed to use two doors to enter the property and is not the main one as would use any visit.

Nor are they allowed to eat food or drinks inside the house. It is likely that Kate doesn’t want to have crumbs on the ground, or that she is avoiding some kind of annoying odors during filming. However, a cup of coffee from time to time while working would not be so problematic, but it is not allowed.

Another thing is that the staff is prohibited from using the bathrooms in the house. It is understood that Kate wants to have some privacy, especially if she needs some time outside the cameras to think something. What has been said is that whatever happens, the film crew should use only the bathroom that is assigned to them, no other.


After the cancellation of the series in 2017 and seeing that older girls would leave for college soon, Kate began to realize that for a decade she had remained single. It is clear that raising eight children does not leave much time to have a love life and Kate dedicated herself to her children.

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

Kate Gosselin l Picture: Getty Images

But now, even the Madelyn and Cara twins worried that their mother would soon have the house empty. Not only would they go out to college, but their siblings are also already in high school and their turn to leave the nest will arrive sooner rather than later.

This is why in 2018 the TLC network announced that a new reality show with Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters Madelyn and Cara, called Kate Plus Date, would air where the audience can see Kate and her suitors on dates.

The children will grow up and at some point, they will leave home to continue their lives, eventually, they will marry and want their mother to have someone with whom to share their life, someone to take care of her. Kate also wishes that her children could later have that person as a good friend.

As far as we can see there is Kate Gosselin for a while. The challenges of raising children have already been left behind. Fighting times with your ex-husband too. Now it remains to see how this family of Kate plus eight goes through this stage as well. Waiting for it to grow for everyone and be happy as adults.

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