Angelica Ross' Mother Told Her to Kill Herself after the 'Pose' Star Came out as Trans, According to an Own Interview

When Angelica Ross's mother found out she was trans, she told her to kill herself. But things have evolved since then.

Most trans people and members of the LGBTQ community always have a sad tale about their coming out to family and friends, and actress, Angelica Ross, is no different.


When Ross came out about being trans to her mother, her reaction was so adverse that the older woman asked the actress to kill herself. Recalling that time of their lives at Oprah Winfrey's "OWN Spotlight: Black Women OWN the Conversation," the "Pose" star's mother said,

"… because I couldn't take it, I did tell her, You need to kill yourself, or I'm going to kill myself."

Ross explained what influenced her mother's thinking, saying,

"My mom had ideas that were fueled by the Bible, and what the Bible says."

The situation between mother and daughter was so bad that the former took medications and went to therapy to cope with reality.


The relationship between the two became strained until Ross's mother saw a production by Oprah. It told the story of a woman who could not reconcile with the son she became estranged from, because of his LGBTQ identity, before he died.

The production caused the TV star's mother to let go of her anger, and reconcile with her daughter. The mother-daughter duo is closer than ever, so much so that they share clothes, and do each other's hair.


Despite Ross's mother's acceptance of her trans identity, the actress continues to fight for herself and other members of her community to get accepted and live a life free of stigmatization.

In an article written by the actress for Oprah Mag in celebration of Pride Month, she lamented the discrimination trans women face in America and asked them always to respond to hate with love.

Ross has become a shining star and beacon of hope to members of the trans community. She recently bagged another regular series role on Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story: 1984," becoming the first-ever trans actor to achieve that feat. Her first regular role was on "Pose."

Ross, who never thought she'll make it on TV has surpassed all her expectations, and thankfully, she has her mother to celebrate her victories and successes.

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