Meet ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast after the Popular Show Ended

All eyes were on the Robertson family during the peak of the hit show “Duck Dynasty.” But after the show’s end, not much has been heard of them. Here’s what they’re all up to today!

“Duck Dynasty” became a hit show after its premiere, following the lives of the Robertson family. However, in 2017, the show came to an end, and their duck-hunting business was no longer heard of.

Since then the Robertson family grew bigger and ventured into new religious engagements and business endeavors, including a family restaurant called Duck’s Diner. 


Uncle Si was one of “Duck Dynasty’s” most famous characters, known for his talent for making stories more interesting with musicals. After the show’s end, he and his family put their ability into use and released a self-titled EP.

The Robertsons attend the 87th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. | Source: Getty Images

The Robertsons attend the 87th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. | Source: Getty Images

“After ‘Duck Dynasty’ went off, I got used to a lot of stuff,” he told Pop Culture. “I got to start making me some money somewhere, but I just chose the wrong industry to really make a lot of money.”


Sadie Robertson did not shy away from the spotlight after the show came to a halt. At 20-years-old, she appeared in a music video with Brett Eldredge for “The Long Way,” and competed in the hit dance show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

Sadie Robertson participates in pre-game ceremonies for the Independence Bowl. | Source: Getty Images

Sadie Robertson participates in pre-game ceremonies for the Independence Bowl. | Source: Getty Images

“‘Dancing With The Stars,’ I’ve never watched an episode,” Sadie revealed. “I watched the YouTube videos, but I never saw one episode. Looking back, I enjoyed it personally, as fas as what was actually happening, but I couldn’t let myself see it publicly.”

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She also appeared in the films “God’s Not Dead 2” and “I’m Not Ashamed,” and has since started her own clothing line, penned a book, and got engaged.


In 2013, Phil Robertson was suspended from “Duck Dynasty” due to anti-gay comments he publicly said during an interview with GQ. After her resumed at work, he strongly endorsed Republican political candidates.

Phil made headlines in October 2017 for getting his own show called “In The Woods With Phil,” where he “plans on rejecting ‘political correctness,’” according to The Hollywood Reporter. 


Willie Jess Robertson has since ventured into the food industry since the end of his “Duck Dynasty” fame. In September 2017, the actor re-opened his diner, Willie’s Duck Diner, in Louisiana. He also still stands as the CEO of their family business. 

He appeared as unapologetic about his strong views on religion and has imparted his beliefs on the restaurant. He appeared in a minor role with his wife in, “God’s Not Dead.”

Willie Robertson visits the SiriusXM Studios. | Source: Getty Images

Willie Robertson visits the SiriusXM Studios. | Source: Getty Images


Jep Robertson starred in the short-lived “Duck Dynasty” spinoff of his life with Jessica called “Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.” The show followed the couple and their five kids, including one adopted son, who survived on a food truck business. 

The show aired for only a year, but the food truck business is still up and going well, with Jep opening a new truck called Jep’s Southern Roots, in Dripping Springs, Texas.

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I’m missing my man.... he’s on a 10 day trip to Ethiopia. I’ve talked to him about 5-10 min each day he’s been gone. He use to travel for work with Duck Commander many years ago but it’s been years since we’ve been apart for this long. I’ve loved hearing the cliff notes of his trip but can’t wait to hold his hand in mine and hear more details. He had me in tears sharing the experiences he’s had.... Today I had to travel to LA for work and on my three hr flight, I just started thinking of how fortunate I am to have a loving husband, a man who loves our creator, loves me, loves our five kiddos, and now trying to make an impact for so many others.... This past year so many changes have occurred, you know life isn’t always easy, it doesn’t always go the way we expect but it’s more about believing in something greater than you or me. That’s it....Love is powerful.... It’s the greatest gift!!! Love others!!!! #LOVE

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Jason Robertson became well-known for his long beard, which became a staple for the character. However, in September 2017, the Duck Commander COO cut his signature style for his daughter’s charity.

His daughter, Mia, struggles with a cleft lip and palate, which Jason opened up to Us Weekly in 2014. At first, the businessman was “worried” about her daughter’s appearance while his doctors weren’t “even sure she can breathe on her own.” 

After then, Jason “stopped being so superficial” and focused on the more essential things in life, apart from physical appearances. 


Missy Robertson, who was a blogger back then, has kept her online personality and has since started her own line of jewelry. She also focused on being an author under the name of “Princess in Camo.”

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